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Who We Are

Upper school students singing during the open mic event

We believe in the power of curiosity.

We also believe that the quest to achieve a goal is as valuable as – or even more valuable than – the achievement itself. Our students’ aspirations are far more than a desire for greatness; they are the answer to the question, “What problems do I want to solve?”

Within the support and structure that our dynamic faculty provide, students move past limitations and become fearless in their exploration of themselves and the world around them. They engender a culture of inclusion, question anything and everything, seek challenges and opportunities in the classroom and beyond and celebrate the successes of others — all while making it home for dinner. Graduates leave the Great Road as creators of their own destinies, fully prepared to shine as the next generation of innovators, problem-solvers and civic-minded leaders.

Two lower school students with their hands up

Lower School

Curiosity is about possibilities. It’s about getting your hands dirty. When you’re paired with teachers whose curiosity matches yours, you create a community in which everything is possible.

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Middle school volleyball team cheering together

Middle School

It’s more than our thoughtful, student-centered curriculum. It’s our deep-seated culture of mutual support and unity. Look around and you’ll see a community that reflects the world and an environment in which you can try new things.

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Upper school student in chemistry lab doing an experiment with bunson burner

Upper School

It’s not about having the highest test scores or winning the championship, even though we can and do. It’s about always continuing the quest, embracing setbacks and believing that each day brims with opportunities.

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Princeton Day School nurtures the mind, the body and the character of each student.

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