Sophie Difazio

I believe art is anything that an artist puts thought into that inspires other people to think. I want my art to make people think about the world both around them and inside their minds and to see those things from a different perspective, or think about them in a new way.  I have always loved making art because it allows me to take a blank space and fill it with anything I want. I can take ideas from my imagination and make them real or bring something that already exists into a two dimensional space.  My favorite mediums are ones that I can experiment with and try different techniques or make different marks but I am also able to control, such as paint, ink, and pencils. For inspiration, I take pictures of things I want to draw, and do sketches and research in my sketchbook, then look for patterns or themes. Art has changed me so that now when I look at anything, like people, objects, or places, I think about drawing or painting them, what colors or medium I would use, and the composition. Art gives everything in the world beauty because when I think about how I would draw it, I can look at shadows and light, colors, and small details that I wouldn’t notice at first glance.