Performing Arts

The performing arts are integral to the lives of students at Princeton Day School.

From the first experience with music class in Pre-Kindergarten through exploration of music, theater and dance in Middle School and advanced performing arts courses in Upper School, our curriculum is designed to broaden and deepen student perception and understanding of themselves and others.

Our classroom environments, as well as time on the McAneny Theater stage, encourage students to discover their own potential as performers.

Music, Dance & Theater


The program combines a rich curriculum with excellent instrumental instruction and many performance opportunities.

Lower School students gain competency in basic skills such as singing, rhythm, movement and dance, dramatic expression and instrument playing. Highlights include the Thanksgiving Sharing Assembly, the Lower School Holiday Concert, the Fourth Grade Operetta, and a vibrant Lower School Strings Program.

Middle School students explore improvisation and composition, musical form and design, and develop sight-reading skills. Choirs, String Ensembles and Band are integral. All students in fifth and sixth grades participate in one of the ensembles. Private individual and group instrumental lessons are also available.

Upper School students can learn and participate in performance-based courses, academic music courses and extra-curricular activities for enrichment. Private music lessons in voice and all instruments are also available through the Adjunct Music Faculty for an additional fee.


Focused on Upper School students, the Princeton Day School dance program offers classes for students of all levels of ability. Beginning dancers explore a wide variety of dance forms and may enjoy guest artists from various cultures and countries including India, Bali, Haiti, Spain and others. More advanced students explore various ways of organizing dance into meaningful and communicative choreography.


Princeton Day School's theater program is nationally renowned, and was recently named "Outstanding High School Theater Program" in the Northeast Region by Stage Directions Magazine.

Courses strike the perfect balance between creative freedom and self-discipline, encouraging students to develop the skills and techniques needed for a confident performance as actors or technicians.

Unique opportunities include the Fourth Grade Operetta and Eighth Grade Musical, which include every member of the class. In Upper School, students audition for a fall play and a winter musical. The annual Performing Arts Festival is a three-day marathon of student-produced short works. In addition, Upper School students have the opportunity to travel with the Performing Arts Department to the annual Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, to perform an original work.

Facilities include the McAneny Theater, equipped with state-of-the-art digital lighting and sound equipment, a scene shop and a costume room. Visiting professionals frequently lend their expertise.

The theater is augmented by a dance studio, a rehearsal room, and a full range of technical facilities, including digital lighting and sound equipment.



26 Pebbles Final Poster

Princeton Day School's award winning Theatre Program presents Eric Ulloa’s new play, 26 Pebbles. Written as docudrama, this play gives voice to the citizens of Newtown, Connecticut, who, after witnessing an unimaginable heartbreak at Sandy Hook Elementary School, learn to move forward and rebuild their town. Playwright Eric Ulloa adds, “26 Pebbles is not a play about the loss of 20 young children and 6 adults. Those are just the circumstances. It is the story of hope and of family and of community. It is the story of the human condition.” These 26 lives—described by one local resident as “pebbles thrown into a pond”—created ripples that captured the attention of the entire nation. In a structure reminiscent of Thornton Wilder's Our Town, the people of this small New England town ask, “How does a community endure the ultimate test, and what comes after the cameras and noise leave?” Please join us as we visit with the voices of Newtown and explore the path to build a "bridge to a new and kinder world."

26 Pebbles is recommended for ages 13+.

Princeton Day School's production of 26 Pebbles will perform at the 2020 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Friday November 1
Saturday November 2

Box office will open on October 21.


Outstanding Achievement in Pushing the Envelope in Academic Theatre, NJ Theatre Awards

Outstanding Acting Ensemble, NJ Theatre Awards
2013, 2015, 2016

Outstanding Musical Production, Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Awards

Educational Impact Award, Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Awards

Outstanding High School Theatre Program, Northeast Region
Stage Directions Magazine

American High School Theatre Festival
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
2011, 2014, 2017