Annual Fund

The Princeton Day School Annual Fund is the school’s top fundraising priority because it directly supports the school’s greatest assets – our students and teachers. The dollars raised each year are crucial in enabling the school to provide superior faculty, small class sizes, individualized attention, state-of-the-art technology and facilities, financial aid support, and dynamic programming. Every member of the PDS community is asked to contribute to the Annual Fund.

Please contact Jill Goldman '74, Director of Annual Giving, at or (609) 924-6700 ext. 1293 for questions and additional information.

parent volunteers

Parent Volunteers

Giving Levels

Excellence Circle
Named in honor of those donors whose philanthropy sustains the school’s commitment to excellence, this level recognizes gifts of $1,000,000 or more.

Founder Circle
Named in honor of those individuals whose generosity provides Princeton Day School with the means to carry on the outstanding educational experience inspired by its founding schools, Miss Fine’s School and Princeton Country Day School, this level recognizes gifts between $500,000 and $999,999.

Leadership Circle
Named in honor of those individuals whose philanthropy allows Princeton Day School to fulfill its mission, this level recognizes gifts between $250,000 and $499,999

1899 Circle
Named in honor of those individuals whose generosity and vision were the very foundation of our school, this level recognizes gifts between $100,000 and $249,999.

Dean Mathey Circle
Named in honor of Dean Mathey, whose generosity and vision helped form our school, this level recognizes gifts between $50,000 and $99,999.

Trustee Circle
Named in honor of the distinguished men and women whose leadership sustains the school’s commitment to excellence, this level recognizes gifts between $25,000 and $49,999.

Head of School Circle
Named in honor of the distinguished Heads of School whose leadership through the years has perpetuated the school’s commitment to excellence, this level recognizes gifts between $10,000 and $24,999.

Faculty Circle
By far the greatest strength of Princeton Day School is its dedicated faculty whose wisdom and patience have guided countless students through the learning process. This level recognizes gifts between $5,000 and $9,999.

Colross Circle
Named for the historical campus building, this level recognizes gifts between $2,500 and $4,999 and those donors whose generosity preserves our traditions of excellence.

Panther Pride
This level recognizes gifts between $500 and $2,499.

This level recognizes gifts $499 and below.

Arts Atrium

Semper Luceat Society

The Semper Luceats, our most loyal donors, have given to the Annual Fund for ten or more consecutive years and help make Princeton Day School an exceptional school. Semper Luceat was the Miss Fine’s School motto and means may it always shine.

Semper Luceats


Christian B. Aall '74
Joseph Abelson '73
Dr. Alexander M. Ackley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Acquaviva
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Adler '97
Mr. and Mrs. Edem K. Afemeku
Maria Tardugno Aldrich '99
Lylah M. Alphonse '90
Mr. Patrick E. Amaral and Ms. Katherine Schulte
Glenna Weisberg Andersen '73
Mrs. Jermain J. Anderson
Jessica Collins Anderson '98
Louise Mason Bachelder '54
J. Keith Baicker '78
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Bailey
Gordon McAllen Baker '51
John C. Baker '62
Mr. Robert H. B. Baldwin, Jr. and Ms. Margaret J. Sieck
Dr. Kimberly A. Ballinger and Mr. Eric Rosenthal
Patience Outerbridge Banister '63
Tracey Spinner Baskin '00
Jay V. Bavishi '05
Mr. C. Sean Beardsley
Mrs. Denise G. Bencivengo
Dr. Kofi D. Benefo and Dr. Prema A. Kurien
Laura S. Bennett '85
Courtney C. Bergh '02
Linda Staniar Bergh '66
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Bernardi
Lillie G. Binder '04
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford B. Bing h'87
Mrs. Dawn Z. Bocian
Joanna L. Bowen '03
Mrs. Anne D. Boyd
Wendy McAneny Bradburn '50
Carol Harris Bradley '56
Mr. and Mrs. Marc C. Brahaney
Ariana Jakub Brandes '99
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brent
Henry P. Bristol II '72
Adam Bromwich '92
Mrs. Graham M. Brush, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. William P. Burks
Alexander S. Burnstan '48
Jan Hall Burruss '72
Dr. Dave A. Burwell
Frederica Cagan-Doeringer '70
Robin Ackerman Cameron '98
Vance G. Camisa '79
Christopher C. Campbell '03
Henry B. Cannon III '53
Kevin M. Capinpin '92
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Capinpin
James Carey, Jr. '57
Nancy Chen Cavanaugh '78
John N. Cavuto '81 and Dr. Robin R. Antonacci
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Y. Chen
Jaye Chen '86
Mr. Richard X. Chen and Ms. Fei Mo
Victoria C.P. Chen. '84
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Chew
Mr. Alan Chimacoff and Ms. Joan S. Girgus
Thomas D. Chubet '61
John W. Claghorn III '68
Ann Kinczel Clapp '59
Phyllis Vandewater Clement '40
Aly G. Cohen '91
Jo Cornforth Coke '55
Barbara Griffin Cole '78 and Mr. Christopher A. Cole
Sara E. Cooper '80
Gail M. Cotton '62
Evelyn Turner Counts '74
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Courtney '85
Allissa C. Crea '06
Dr. and Mrs. Barrington Cross
Ms. Elizabeth R. Cutler and Mr. Thomas G. Kreutz
Ms. Susan Daly-Rouse and Mr. Charles B. Rouse
H. Andrew Davies II '73
Mr. and Mrs. Guy K. Dean III '55
Anne Carples Denny '53
Mr. John H. Denny, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. DiBianca
Mr. Donald T. Dickson
Mr. Evan Dong and Ms. Joanna Ng
Robert A. Drabiuk '96
Dr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Dries
Christina Bachelder Dufresne '77
Kathy Dunlop '63
Craig and Betsy Dykstra
Mr. James L. Eberly and Dr. Andrea C. Eberly
Richard H. Eckels '62
Martha Thompson Eckfeldt '60
William Edwards, Jr. '63
Mrs. Debra C. Egner
Mark A. Egner '82
Mr. and Mrs. Adam L. Eiseman
Dr. and Mrs. Hisham S. ElKadi
Katharine Walker Ellison '62
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn W. Ellsworth '75
Michael Englander '72
Mr. Paul and Reverend Joanne Epply-Schmidt
Jody Erdman '72
Michael P. Erdman '50
Peter E. B. Erdman '43
Mr. and Mrs. Michael I. Falcon
Ms. Laurence M. Farhat
Mrs. Jean Farina
Laura Farina '79
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Farina
Anne Bishop Faynberg '73
Douglas A. Fein '79
Scott J. Feldman '93
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Felton
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Finnegan
Jacob M. Fisch '06
Professor Nathaniel J. Fisch and Dr. Tobe M. Fisch
Dr. Keith J. Fishbein and Dr. Nancy L. Feldman
Andrew J. Fishmann '68
David S. Fitton, Jr. '79
Mrs. David S. Fitton, Sr.
Anne Dennison Fleming '77
Barbara Russell Flight '77
Nancy Shannon Ford '54
Ms. Betty Ann Fort
Mr. Gregory P. Francfort and Ms. Patricia A. Francfort
Karen P. Fredericks '89
Dr. and Mrs. Russell M. Freid
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fried
Benjamin M. Frost '92
Elaine Polhemus Frost '53
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Frothingham
Agnes S. Fulper '54
Beverly and Jack Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Gallagher
Julia Penick Garry '77
Mr. Donato Gasparro
John M. Gaston III '62
Mr. and Mrs. Moore Gates, Jr. '42
Thomas R. Gates '78 and Mrs. Tracey W. Gates
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Geltzer
Mr. Joseph F. Gerdes and Mrs. Berna Itez-Gerdes
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Gerry '99
Mr. and Mrs. Antoine Gerschel
Jonathan S. Gershen '86 and Ilene Gershen
Beth Geter-Douglass '82
Marjorie Wallace Gibson '84 and Mr. Peter E. Gibson
Louise Whipple Gillock '73
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Goldberg
Jill L. Goldman '74
Ms. Georgia B. Gosnell
William P. Graff '75
Frank Greek and Cathy Greek
The Honorable and Mrs. William S. Greenberg
Drs. Christopher and Dorota Gribbin
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Griffith, Jr.
John L. Griffith III '99 and Rebecca Lintner Griffith '95
Ms. Jane E. Grigger
Alice Lee Groton '78
Mrs. Marilyn W. Grounds
Mr. Todd B. Gudgel and Ms. Colleen A. Foy
Alexandra Smith Gunderson '75
Sally Campbell Haas '63
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Haggerty III
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hall '85
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Hall Jr.
Mr. Andrew C. Hamlin and Ms. Kathleen Deignan
Charles L. Hamlin '06
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Haney
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander D. Hanson
Julia Fulper Hardt '61
Cary Smith Hart '64
Mr. and Ms. Kenneth M. Hartley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Harvey
Jenny Chandler Hauge '78
Mark A. Heald '43
Daniel J. Helmick '90
John H. Helmick '95
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henkel
Ms. Gayle Henkin and Mr. Thomas P. Smith
Daniel R. Herr '84
Lorraine M. Herr '82
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Herrup
Ms. Debra J. Hillmanno and Ms. Patricia J. Hillmanno
Deborah V. Hobler '66
Eric D. Hochberg '98
Susan C. Hockings '86
Katherine Gulick Hoffman '72
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Hofmann, Jr.
Benjamin A. Hohmuth '90
Ms. Eileen Hohmuth-Lemonick and Mr. Michael D. Lemonick
Jason M. Hollander '90 and Dr. Sarah Werbel
Julia Cornforth Holofcener '61
Christopher J. Horan '79
Timothy S. Howard '86
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Howe
Mary Lawson-Johnston Howe '85
Julia Stabler Hull '76
Lynch W. Hunt, Jr. '85
Simeon H. Hutner '77
Taylor K. Hwong '88
Mary Hobler Hyson '68
Alice Jacobson '63
Mr. and Mrs. Dinesh C. Jain
Ms. Tamara Jakub
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Jamieson, Jr.
Kathleen O. Jamieson '96
Pam and Eric R. Jensen '82
Alexandra Johnston '97
Bradford D. Johnston '94
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Jusick
Mr. Kamal Kasera and Ms. Ritu Jajodia
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Kaufman
Kelley Keegan '03
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Keegan Jr.
Hilary Thompson Kenyon '53
Jane Henderson Kenyon '79
Hope Thompson Kerr '53
Nancy Hudler Keuffel '58
Ms. Lena Khatcherian
L. Chloe King '55
Mr. and Mrs. Horace C. Klein
Mitchell J. Klein '86
Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig M. Koerte
Benjamin B. Kuris '93
Mr. David H. LaMotte and Ms. Jani Rachelson
Sally Kuser Lane '42
Stephen Lane '64
Ms. Cynthia M. Laskin
Mr. and Mrs. James Y. Laughlin '80
Mr. Robin B. Laylin and Ms. Laura D. Baird-Laylin
Suzanne E. Lengyel '84
Eleanor Vandewater Leonard '44
Dr. Mara L. Leveson-Smith
Ronald Li, M.D. and Carol Chiang-Li
Mr. Ye Li and Ms. Angela Deng
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Lien
Dr. and Mrs. Judson Linville
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Lippman
Amy R. Livingston '91
Giovanna Gray Lockhart '98
Mary Woodbridge Lott '67
Catharine J. Loughran '34
Kathleen Dunn Lyman '56
Mr. and Mrs. M. Jack S. Madani
Mr. and Mrs. Tazee Mahjied
Dr. and Mrs. Ramy A. Mahmoud
Laura Mali-Astrue '74
Dr. Burton G. Malkiel and Dr. Nancy Weiss Malkiel
Eva Mantell '81
Charles F. Mapes, Jr. '48
Mr. M. Yves Marcuard and Ms. Cheryl D. Whitney
Jay R. Marcus '80
Allison Marshall '03
Mr. Daniel A. Marshall and Dr. Rebecca G. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Marshall, Jr.
Barbara and Ross Martinson
Janet M. Masterton '70
Mr. Henry H. Matelson
Dr. Elisa Matthes
Mr. Edward E. Matthews
Gregory E. Matthews '76
Livia McCarthy '77 and Joseph D. McCarthy
Tania Lawson-Johnston McCleery '71
Ann I. McClellan '68
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth McClellan
Robert N. McClellan '77
Jo Schlossberg McConaghy '67
Erin McCormick '04
Frank A. McDougald III '83
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McGill
Mr. and Mrs. George H. McLaughlin II
Howard McMorris II '59
Wendy Lawson-Johnston McNeil '70
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Melodia
Sean N. Merriweather '99
Catherine White Mertz '79
Sara Peach Messier '01
Edwin H. Metcalf '51
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Miller
Martha F. Miller '67
Nancy B. Miller '57
Mr. Peter A. Miller and Ms. Jacqueline Schreiber
Polly T. Miller '63
Mr. and Dr. Kenneth R. Mischner
John B. Mittnacht '73
Debbie and Steve Modzelewski
Peter R. Moock '56
Patience Morgan-Irigoyen '66
William M. Morse '57
Ms. Nancy Mullan
Dr. Michael J. Mundenar and Mrs. Jill Mundenar
Laura Stifel Murphy '82
Megan E. Keegan Murphy '05
Praveen G. Murthy '06
Kang Na '82
Marcia Goetze Nappi '52
Alexander J. Nanfara '99
Hillary Hayes Nastro '93
Russell A. Nemiroff '03
Robert A. Norman '71
Alexandra C. H. Nowakowski '01
Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward Nyce
Laurie and Andy Okun
Erik L. Oliver '90
Jessica Feig Opet '01
Mrs. Maryann F. Ortiz
Ms. Bente L. Ott
Marian Stoltzfus Paen '70
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Paneyko
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Peach
Jeffrey F. Perlman '82
Laura B. Peterson '67
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood W. Phares II
Melissa J. Phares '80
Dorothy C. Pickering '71
Robert R. Piper '46
Charles H. Place III '73
Mandy Rabinowitz Plonsky '97
Stephen A. Pollard '90
Joy E. Power '80
Alexandra B. Powers and Howard Powers '80
Joseph D. Punia '71
Brock Putnam II '60
Russell B. Pyne '73
Daniel Quick '56
Heather Dembert Rafter '78
David A. Ragsdale '90
Mr. and Mrs. Elder E. Ramirez
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Reichlin
Cicely Tomlinson Richardson '56
Stephanie Richman '87 and Mr. William Reilly
Dr. and Mrs. Yale & Ilene Richmond
Gail Petty Riepe '64
Mr. Michael K. Rigby and Ms. Wendy W. Hom
Dr. and Mrs. F. Edward Roberts, Jr.
Shepherd K. Roberts '47
Barbara Johnston Rodgers '51
David C.D. Rogers '47
Mr. and Mrs. Igor Roitburg
Alexandra Hiller Rorick '07
Arianna Rosati '88
Scott E. Rosenberg '04
Dr. and Mrs. Norman R. Rosenthal
A. Richard Ross '68
Andrew A. Ross '81
Mr. Llewellyn G. Ross and Ms. Miles Dumont
Peter R. Rossmassler '47
Jeremy E. Rothfleisch '88
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Rothstein
Wendy Gartner Rowland '53
Hardy S. Royal '89
Mr. Toms B. Royal
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Rubens
Patrick Rulon-Miller '55
Alice Ganoe Ryden '82
Dr. and Mrs. Jan N. Safer
Mr. Mark J. Samse
Mr. and Mrs. David Sanzalone
David Sayen '64
Kenneth C. Scasserra '53
Dr. and Mrs. Peter H. Schafer
William D. Schafer '87
Sally Hagen Schmid '60
Aaron and Erin Schomburg
Jeffrey Schor '97
Lauren Goodyear Schramm '82
Jeffrey E. Schuss '73
Susan Bauer Schwinger '73
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. G. Carter Sednaoui
Mr. Gerald P. Seid
Mr. Michael Seipp
Lars A. Selberg '75 and Julia Sly Selberg '74
Mrs. Susan E. Shaffer
Utpal (Paul) Shah '90 and Dr. Maritoni Colon Shah
Dr. Sandra and Dr. Yitzhak Sharon
Marjorie D. Shaw '70 and Mr. Barney S. Rush
Sandra L. Shaw '76
Ms. Maria E. Shepard and Mr. David M. Freedholm
Jane Gihon Shillaber '53
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Shock
Markell Meyers Shriver '46
Dr. Lawrence R. Siegel and Mrs. Paula Siegel
Rebecca Nemiroff Siegel '96
Stephen S. Siegel '93
Muna S. Shehadi Sill '79
David B. Smoyer '56
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Smukler
The Smukler Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer
Ms. Bette Ipsen Soloway
Barbara A. Spalholz '74
Lauren Welsh Sparrow '99
Ms. Jane Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Stanton
Austin C. Starkey, Jr. '69
Linda Maxwell Stefanelli '62
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Sternberg
Michele Sternberg '87
Jon and Meredith Stevens
Dana H. Stewardson '80
Richard N. Stillwell '50
John D. Stitzer, Jr., PE
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Stockman
Mr. William A. Stoltzfus III and Ms. Alison L. Baxter
Craig C. Stuart '87
Austin P. Sullivan, Jr. '54
Mr. Thomas J. Sullivan and Ms. Bonnie L. Higgins
Martha Sullivan Sword '73
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Szuter '82
Lisa A. Taitsman '86
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Tate
Mr. Mark A. Tatum and Ms. Lisa Skeete Tatum
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Thomas '82
Ms. Jill L. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton H. Tucker h'13
Mr. Robert D. Tuckman
Karen M. Turner '72
Palmer B. Uhl '74
Karen Callaway Urisko '85
Lucy Englander van den Brand '78
Professor David F. Venturo and Ms. Jeanne C. Conerly
John E. Vine '82
Stephen M. Vine '70
Henry T. Vogt '72
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Vradenburgh
Susan Barclay Walcott '57
Ms. Barbara Walker
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wallace '48
Susan Schildkraut Wallach '64 and Mr. Kenneth Wallach
Diana E. Walsh '72
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Walter
Randall S. Walter '87
Leslie Straut Ward '80
Terry L. Ward '74
Lisbeth A. Warren '71
Curtis McGraw Webster '75
Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Weinberg
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wellemeyer '52
Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick W. White
Polly Hunter White '74
Mrs. Noel S. White
Rena Ann Whitehouse '83
Robert C. Whitlock '78
Marina von Neumann Whitman '52
Jennifer Dutton Whyte '80
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Wilde III
Ann M. Wiley '70
Jane T. Wiley '69
Cintra Eglin Willcox '76
C. Treby McLaughlin Williams '80
Ms. Mary K. Williams
Gay Wilmerding '75
Robert D. Wilmot '69
Jean Gorman Wilson '69
Mr. Robert N. Wilson
Janine C. Winant '99
Eric R. Wolarsky '92
John T. Woodward IV '84
Mr. Newell B. Woodworth
Mary Greey Woody '41
Thomas C. Worthington '71
Ms. Dolores Wright
Peter G.P. Wright '51
Cornelia Wu '94
Dr. and Mrs. Nir Yakoby
Ms. Donna S. Zarzecki
Dr. Jiang Zhao and Ms. Ruozhen Chen
George M. Zoukee '77


Princeton Day School is fortunate to have more than 150 volunteers who work with our community each year to make our Annual Fund vibrant. Our Annual Fund Chairs are listed below

Annual Fund Leadership Gift Committee

Ashley Aitken-Davies, Chair
John Bartlett
Leigh Bartlett
Rachel Dultz
Jim Kaplan 
Ashish Kumar
Monica Kumar
Cindy Linville
Alicia Merse
Kevin Merse
Joe Riley
D.G. Sarsfield
Jessica Stiefel
Mike Stiefel
Amrit Walia-Zaidi
John Wellemeyer '52

Annual Fund Parent Volunteers

Rich Bernardi, Chair

Melissa Bernardi, 12th Grade Captain
D.G. Sarsfield, 12th Grade Captain

Carol Cronheim, Bonnie Higgins
Pat Amaral , 11th Grade Captain
Lena Khatcherian, 11th Grade Captain

Sonia Deora-Bhens, Cheryl Dougherty,
Paul Dougherty, Beth Geter-Douglass,
Rose Haggerty, Jill Mundenar, Shari Phillips
Doug Jackson, 10th Grade Captain
Farhat Siddiqui, 10th Grade Captain

Roxanna Choe, Nancy Difazio, Kate Jerris,
Alicia Lee
Linda Lippman, 9th Grade Captain
Wendy Roitburg, 9th Grade Captain

Jody (Glasgold) Goh, Rakhi Kalra,
Alison Lee
Rich Bernardi, 8th Grade Captain
Jen Fenton, Joyce Johnson, Laurie Palaia, Rima Sakaria, Catherine Shapiro
Nicole Hughes, 7th Grade Captain
Aprajita Jha, 7th Grade Captain

Randy Jones, Feng Pan, Barbara Richards, Catherine Shapiro, Gerard Sentveld, 
Sarah Werbel, Phyllis Wang, Haibo Wu
Joy Turchetta, 6th Grade Captain
Sejal Doshi,  Laura Longman, Yi Jia
Stephanie Richman, 5th Grade Captain
Jessica Chia, Jessica Dickler, Galina Flider, Rori Lamin, Lori Mansour, Richard Wolfe
Rosy Munjal, 4rd Grade Captain
Heather Adler, Rachelle Berkman, 
Dana Hyland George, Anna Horner, 
Angie Latif
Hemal Patel, 3rd Grade Captain
Edith Juarez
Stacey Nieves, 2nd Grade Captain
Rupal Patel, Stephanie Schwendinger, 
Casey Upson
Sarah Nabeel, 1st Grade Captain
Jayashree Subramanian
Cecily Henson, Kindergarten Captain
Frank Henson, Kindergarten Captain
Adrienne Longo, Pre-Kindergarten Captain

Carmel Gabriel

Alumni Class Agents

'68 - Rick Ross
'68 - Laura Peterson
'77 - Rob McClellan
'78 - Nancy Chen Cavanaugh
'79 - Cathy White Mertz, David Weiner
'81 - John Marshall
'82 - Beth Geter-Douglass
'85 - Lynch Hunt, Jr.
'86 - Jonathan Gershen
'88 - Taylor Hwong
'91 - Aly Cohen
'94 - Veronica White
'99 - Maria Tardugno Aldrich, Annie Jamieson Applegate, Ariana Jakub Brandes
'03 - Joanna Bowen, Amy Gallo, Joe Joiner
'04 - Scott Rosenberg
'05 - Jay Bavishi, Anu Shah
'06 - Allissa Crea
'07 - Ali Hiller Rorick
'08 - Greg Francfort, Kalla Gervasio, Tess Glancey
'10 - Neal Bakshi, Brooks Herr
'11 - Kevin Francfort, Jessica Frieder, Sam Kelly, Alexandra McCourt
'12 - Rob Klein, Julia Miller, Annie Nyce, Carly Ozarowski, Peter Powers
'13 - Zeeza Cole, Amanda Donohue, Sophia Eisenberg, Leah Falcon, Alec Jones, Anjuli Karna, Carolyn Kossow, Abha Kulkarni, Jack Laylin, Bob Madani, Patten Mills, Allie Persky, Lizzie Snyder
'14 - Katie Edelblut, Andie Edelson, Lexie Fairman, Rory Finnegan, Kate Flemming, Ben, Levine, Allison Mascioli, Mimi Matthews, Olivia Melodia, Ford Schneider, Sean Timmons,, Jessica Toltzis, Mary Travers
'15 - Katie Edelblut, Andie Edelson, Lexie Fairman, Rory Finnegan, Kate Flemming, Ben, Levine, Allison Mascioli, Mimi Matthews, Olivia Melodia, Ford Schneider, Sean Timmons,, Jessica Toltzis, Mary Travers
'16 - Katie Edelblut, Andie Edelson, Lexie Fairman, Rory Finnegan, Kate Flemming, Ben, Levine, Allison Mascioli, Mimi Matthews, Olivia Melodia, Ford Schneider, Sean Timmons,, Jessica Toltzis, Mary Travers
'17 - Jack Amaral, Abigail Atkeson, Tyler Birch, Will Brossman, Ashley Cavuto, George Cole, Julie David, Nick Day, Chase Fleming, Hannah Freid, Kiely French, Coby Gibson, William, Hopper, Elaynah Jamal, Russell Kirczow, Logan Kramsky, Hassan Ladiwala, Shana Levine, Oliver McIntosh, Bharat Nagalamadaka, Peter Shannon, Emily Simons, Taylor Smith, Shayla Stevenson, Ruchita Zaparde

Development Committee of the Alumni Board

Michael Bracken '98, Chair
Brian Crowell '11
Chris Gerry '99
Taylor Hwong '88
Cammie Linville '09
Paris McLean '00
Joe Rogers '09
Jeffrey Straus '12
Lucy Englander van den Brand '78

Faculty and Staff Volunteers

Sam Hunt, Chair
Chris Devlin, Staff Representative
Jim Laughlin '80, Lower School Representative