Lunch Program


  • Lunch is sold as a complete meal. This includes 1 entrée item, 2 sides and a drink.

  • A full week of lunch may be purchased when registering for camp for $35.00. The cost for July 4th week is $28.00.

  • Lunch can also be purchased on an individual day for $8.00 cash.

  • Your child may also bring lunch or snack from home.

Lunch each day will offer the following: Hot Entrée, Sandwich Bar, Bagel Bar, Salad Bar, Fruit, Yogurt


Hot Dogs


Vegan Burger


Pasta Bar

Grilled Cheese
on Wheat or
White Bread


Pasta Bar

Chicken Fingers


Pasta Bar

Chicken Quesadilla


Pasta Bar



  • For beverages we offer: filtered water, infused water, low fat regular and fat free chocolate milk. 
  • A salad bar with assorted fresh toppings will be available every day. 
  • If not on the lunch program, lunch is sold as a complete meal, for $8.00.  
  • Lunch includes an entrée, 2 sides and a beverage. 
  • Besides the hot entrée, we offer bagels and sandwiches daily.  
  • Sandwich options include: Jelly, Cheese, Tuna, Turkey, Ham & Cheese  
  • Sandwiches will be offered on White Bread, Wheat Bread  
  • Side items include: Hand Fruit, Salad Bar, Applesauce, Watermelon, Oranges, Carrot Sticks, Pretzels, No items that are served will be deep fried. 
  • Please direct any questions to, or 609-924-6700 extension 1330. 
  • Food Services managed by FLIK Independent School Dining 


**We do not use nuts in any of the recipes and we do not serve peanut butter. Ingredient labels for snack bar items and bread are  available for parents to read. We are not a “Nut Free” cafeteria because this implies a 100% guarantee and there are some items  that are out of our control. 




Snack will be offered two times per day. The morning snack will focus on breakfast food with such items as bagels, fruit, yogurt, and granola bars. The afternoon snack will have some of the morning offerings, but will also have such items as popcorn, soft pretzels, fruit, cheese sticks and carrots. During snack time we will offer bottled water and juice. Each Item in the snack bar is priced at $1.00. Snack purchases are cash only.

* All recipes are made nut-free and every effort is made to keep them out of any products served. No items that are served will be deep-fried. 

* Please direct any questions or concerns to or 924-6700, x1330.

* Food Services managed by FLIK Independent School Dining