What a Phenomenal Fall Weekend and Garden Day!
What a Phenomenal Fall Weekend and Garden Day!

What's better than a genuine feeling of belonging to a spectacular community? Everyone who gathered on September 22 for Fall Weekend and Garden Day got to experience that, and so much more, during a full day of camaraderie, fun and eight exciting team sports events across the Princeton Day School campus.

On this rainy Tuesday, remembering the sunshine and warmth of Saturday, we share photo albums of Garden Day and Fall Weekend, along with reflections from student and parent voices, Compiled by Melanie Shaw.

It's the Fun Run—and Just Being There

The Fun Run: Looking back at running what seemed like around the world is such a short distance now that we're in 7th Grade. We're running with [Lower School] students and supporting them to get to the finish line, since we had the same example when we were younger.

But it wasn't just the running that made all these Fall Weekends so special. It was sitting on the bleachers watching the varsity games with friends, and watching Mrs. Price dance with the DJ, and just being there with friends and family. We are so glad that they have kept this tradition for all of the years we and our friends have been here. And we hope that PDS decides never to stop this tradition. Thank you for having another wonderful Fall Weekend to Tim Williams, Scott Bertoli, the Booster moms, James the DJ, and all the JV and Varsity teams that worked their butts off this weekend. Go Panthers! Brooke and Jesse, Middle School students

The Joy of Witnessing How Mutual Support Is Learned and Passed On

Watching how the students all support each other is what is at the heart of the PDS community. Coming together with the entire PDS community for Fall Weekend is truly special; it's why our family hasn't missed a Fall Weekend in all of our years here. I love watching the parents participate in the Fun Run with their children, and watching the Middle School students serve as running buddies to the Lower School students. Being there for others—as parent volunteers and as student role models—is such a big part of the special feeling of this day. Five years ago, my youngest daughter ran with my son and four of his Middle School friends with them cheering her on, very loudly, all the way to the finish line. This year, my older daughter could not wait to be a running buddy herself; she held a Kindergarten student's hand and cheered her on in the same way. And the younger students not only look up to the older students; they share the same desire to support and join them in their endeavors. The Garden Day on Saturday morning was a beautiful example of young and older students working together to care for a special place that sustains us. Then, after the Fun Run, the dancing, the sports clinics and happy activities leading up to the afternoon sports games, the younger students always love cheering on the high school athletes and dreaming about what it could feel like to play on Baker Field as a varsity athlete someday. It's full-circle community magic on Fall Weekend, and it's Princeton Day School at its finest. PA President Karen Law