The Bridges Program Retreat
The Bridges Program Retreat

The 2018 Bridges Program culminated in a 7th grade on-campus retreat on Tuesday, May 3 under sunny skies on the Pagoda Fields. Director of Wellness Dr. Candy Shah shared that the Senior leaders planned activities that promoted cooperation, communication, problem solving, and team building in an active and fun way, and the 7th grade students spent all afternoon engaging in the same social and emotional skills they learned about all year. A special picnic lunch complete with snacks and desserts arranged by the Parents Association class parents, a round of bubble ball soccer, water balloon toss, and an outdoor scavenger hunt kept the 7th graders busy all afternoon. The retreat ended with a full class "check-in" to gauge everyone's mood at the end of the day and to say thank you to everyone who made the day possible.

Head of Middle School Renée Price noted, "The mood in the 7th grade class is different than it usually is at this time of year: there is more self awareness, more kindness, and they are making better choices. I know that this is due to the Bridges work."

Dr. Shah said, "This retreat marks the end of a fabulous inaugural year for Bridges, a program that introduces 7th graders to concepts of social and emotional learning through lessons designed and taught by Senior leaders who are specially selected and trained."

Here are some photos from the day.