Spotlight on Faculty: Tara Quigley, Lauren Ledley, and Aaron Schomburg

On April 6 and 7, Tara Quigley, MS Humanities teacher and Director of the Miss Fine's Center, and Lauren Ledley, US History teacher and Technology Coordinator, had the opportunity to present at the OESIS Conference in Los Angeles at the Chadwick School.

Mrs. Quigley gave a presentation titled, "Mastery, Gradebooks & More in Middle School Humanities" and Mrs. Quigley and Ms. Ledley both presented on "Interdisciplinary Skills-Based Curriculum Design & Assessment." In both presentations, Quigley and Ledley spoke about how Princeton Day School has managed to implement considerable opportunities for 21st-century skill development and interdisciplinary exploration in the classroom. In addition, they spoke on how they had to think creatively about how to incorporate 21st-century competencies within traditional course offerings.

Mrs. Quigley has also been selected as a Faculty Cohort in Project-Based Learning and Mastery-Based Blending for OESIS. As an OESIS Network Leader, she will help guide teachers who are looking to implement new paths of innovation in their classes by offering a cohort course on Interdisciplinary PBL for Grades 4-7.

Later this month, on April 20, Lower School science teacher Aaron Schomburg will be presenting at 5th annual STEMCON in Chicago. This conference provides a platform for STEM educators from all around the country to share their best practices. Mr. Schomburg will be presenting on on "Safety within Stem Spaces: Creating a Culture of Safety." He shared, "I'll be presenting about how I am addressing safety issues regarding project-based learning and our STEAM sessions with grades 2-4, and how I introduce students to using tools and materials in a safe manner. I am designing a protocol for teaching my students how to use certain tools properly and how to track their progress so that they have a solid foundation for what lies ahead in Middle and Upper school."