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Senior Awards Celebrate Exceptional Achievements Among the Class of 2019
Senior Awards Celebrate Exceptional Achievements Among the Class of 2019

The collective accomplishments of the 108 members of the Class of 2019 over the past four years were celebrated at a special senior luncheon on May 24, followed by the Upper School Awards Assembly honoring achievements and distinctions of particular students across multiple programs and disciplines. The values that define us as a school community—intellectual curiosity, creativity, integrity and resilience—are reflected in the achievements of these award winners and the very special class of 2019 as a whole. Read about these exceptional students and the awards they received, below, followed by a slide show of special moments. And check out our complete Flickr album of luncheon, assembly and yearbook party highlights.

Declan Rourke, Alumni Service Award: This award is bestowed by the Alumni Association on a senior who exemplifies the spirit and values of Princeton Day School through service to others.

Declan's commitment to being of service to others is reflected in more than 800 hours of service he logged during his time in the Upper School. Declan regularly volunteers for organizations including the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, Princeton Special Sports and Loaves and Fishes. He has also held leadership positions within CornerHouse, both on the Teen Advisory Group and this year on the Student Board, leading substance abuse prevention workshops at area schools. Through the Konetke program, Declan has also participated in service work in Haiti for several summers.

Nashleen Salazar Rodriguez, The John Douglas Sacks-Wilner '80 Award: John Douglas Sacks-Wilner, Class of 1980, was a young man of great strength, character and grace of spirit. He had high standards for academic achievement, explored the intellectual world with enthusiasm and welcomed the challenge of demanding courses. This memorial award commemorates John's determination and dedication, and honors courage, resoluteness and resilience in surmounting obstacles to achieve one's goals.

Nashleen is an academic star, a leader and valued voice to her peers, a role model to younger students and a second parent to her siblings. She's tenacious, gritty and perseverant as well as caring, calm and mature. She is a poised and radiant young woman with a deep personal sense of purpose who is ready to take on her next challenge. Sí, se puede—yes, you can—is her personal motto. She thinks about what is possible and is a young woman whom we are proud to call a Panther.

Rakesh Potluri, The Frederick D. Woodbridge '78 Memorial Award: Fred Woodbridge, Class of 1978, demonstrated extraordinary leadership as a senior class president and impressive qualities of citizenship throughout his career at PDS. His concern for the good of the community was always sincere and steadfast. This memorial award goes to a graduating senior who has exhibited outstanding leadership qualities in developing class unity and spirit.

Simply put, Rakesh is all about serving his community. Most visible at PDS for his work as student council president, he has the drive to make change and feels a duty to lead his community nobly. When he thinks, he's not thinking about simply completing a task in and of itself; he's thinking about how others will interpret what he's doing and how they will react to it. He thinks about how his reader will translate his prose, how the audience member will feel when encountering his set design, and how his peers will experience our school as they walk through the hallways. It gives Rakesh a great sense of joy and purpose to bring happiness to others. Rakesh believes in the power of community—and has made ours better both in and out of the classroom. With an endless passion for doing good, and empathy for social causes across the spectrum, it is difficult to convey the impact Rakesh has had on our community and how well-respected and adored he is by everyone here.

Fechi Inyama '20, The Anne B. Shepherd Humanities Award: Legendary faculty member Anne Shepherd taught English for 44 years at Miss Fine's School and then at Princeton Day School before retiring in 1995. Shepherd Commons is named in her honor. This award is bestowed on a member of the junior class who has produced distinguished work in English, history, music, art and/or drama.

Fechi is a constant source of energy, engagement, respect, curiosity and healthy skepticism in the classroom and in the hallways of PDS. In her English, history and French classes, she showcases the power of clear and discerning thinking and listening, patience and commitment to practice. As a writer, she is fluid and persuasive, establishing her positions forcefully and with compelling evidence. While Fechi may at times seem reserved, she exudes joy and playfulness as a dancer and is deep thinker when it comes to rhythmic and culturally-informed choreography. Fechi embodies Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe's definition of an intellectual not merely as someone who knows many things, but as someone who is passionate about ideas.

Hannah Su '20, The Mark L. Zaininger '81 Memorial Award: Established in 2010 through the generosity of the Zaininger family and friends, the Mark L. Zaininger, Class of 1981, Memorial Award honors an alumnus whose professional and personal life was dramatically and positively influenced during the summer of his junior year through his participation in a creative and rigorous summer program. The award is given annually to a member of the junior class whose proposed summer experience in pursuit of an interest or passion has the greatest likelihood of inspiring and revealing new life path directions and horizons.

Hannah has a gorgeous artistic vision, an openness to new ideas and a deep engagement with her pursuits. She is a talented musician, a gifted wordsmith and a strategic storyteller who delights in the creative process and produces poetic narratives in built form. She embodies the sense of independence and commitment to self-improvement that Mark Zaininger exemplified. In fact, Hannah is the first high school student ever to approach Steven Holl Architects for a summer internship. Hannah will spend this summer immersed in the world of this prestigious architectural firm in New York City, an experience that promises to open powerful new explorations for her.

Hailey Young, English Award: This award honors a student who is a demonstrably avid reader, an imaginative and perceptive interpreter of texts, a strong writer in a variety of genres, a responsive and caring peer editor and an impactful contributor in classroom discussions.

A poised, thoughtful and generous member of the English classroom, with a strong work ethic and clear insight, Hailey is also a quiet leader, a careful, close reader and an elegant writer. Whether making a film, performing a monologue or assessing a textual moment, she demonstrates a genuine sense of purpose, bringing an actor's awareness of language and character to all aspects of her work. Her enthusiasm for literature is palpable. She can speak just as astutely about gentrification in modern Brooklyn as she can about the nature of evil in Victorian London. Her examination of Disney's Cinderella literally brought her classmates to tears. She can make connections between high culture and low, real life and fiction, and is the rare student who can easily see parallels between Pride and Prejudice and Much Ado About Nothing—years and several courses later. Hailey is a joy to teach, and with her warm smile, quick laugh, and an even quicker mind, she is a joy to be around.

Nina Ajemian, Writing Award: This award goes to a student who shows a mature and abiding commitment to the craft of good writing in the classroom and beyond, both in writing and in serving as a trusted reader for other writers.

For Nina, writing is joyful. Her work evinces a true love of language, the kind that all English teachers want to cultivate in their students. Whether writing an analytical essay on The Great Gatsby, a personal narrative on a traditional Italian Sunday supper or a research paper tracing the design principles of New York's Central Park and the socio-political aspirations that inspired it, Nina believes in and practices the art of writing as process. She seeks feedback from teachers and peers while producing revised and painstakingly refined drafts on a regular basis. Nina's insatiable appetite to enhance her understanding often results in fresh insights as she develops her essay drafts. Her intellectual energy to begin anew—undaunted by the time or effort it will take to start over, is an inspiration to all.

Isabel Hogshire, History Award: This award recognizes excellence, passion and commitment to the discipline, which at Princeton Day School encompasses art history, economics, geography, government, history, philosophy and religion.

Throughout her time at the Upper School, Isabel has been recognized for her remarkable aptitude by her teachers while peers have sought and benefited from her intellectual clarity. She demonstrates deep thinking in philosophy, a remarkable ability to analyze society though an economist's lens and a unique gift in connecting historical themes across time and place. A meticulous worker and willing participant who leads by example, Isabel can always be relied upon to look at historical events or situations in unique ways and articulates her ideas beautifully whether orally or in prose. Her quiet smile and calm demeanor always brighten our School, and she will be sorely missed.

Seshasri Bhaskar, Math Award: This award is given to a student who demonstrates great passion for the field of mathematics. Seshasri exemplifies the drive and commitment necessary to succeed in math, approaching each new idea with enthusiasm and curiosity. She continually seeks to expand her horizons across different branches of mathematics, from statistics and calculus to game theory and computer science. Her research papers on machine learning and P vs. NP problems showcase her ability to work between disciplines and connect ideas from various fields. In her high school career, she exhausted the PDS math program and excelled in every class she took.

Helen Mehreteab, Jim Walker Memorial Math Award: This award goes to a student who embodies the attributes of long-serving math teacher and department chair at PDS Jim Walker, who positively affected many lives both inside and outside the classroom. Helen clearly shares the love of math and passion for learning that Jim exemplified. Over the past four years, she has embraced challenge and modeled perseverance and resilience as she has tackled courses across the math curriculum, from geometry to calculus and statistics. She has become a fixture in the math office, sharing ideas with her teachers and looking for opportunities to hone her skills and deepen her understanding of complex mathematical concepts. Helen has been a leader in both SiMS and Mu Alpha Theta, using each organization as a platform to communicate and spread the enthusiasm and joy she feels for mathematics to her fellow students. Her senior project, creating promotional and training videos for SiMS, will leave a legacy to PDS that will enhance students' mathematical experiences for years to come.

Morgan McNulty, Computer Science Award: Throughout her high school career at PDS, Morgan has distinguished herself through her exceptional commitment and enthusiasm for anything related to computer science, problem solving, coding and creative thought. In a constant drive to perfect her skills and build a community of empowered students, she challenged herself and her peers to program the motion of NASA Spheres Satellites by founding the Zero Robotics Team. She elevated our School's profile at programming competitions such as the Philadelphia Classic and the Rowan University Programming Contest. She led the Computer Science Club through events including Hour of Code and STEAM Night, and inspired her peers while presenting her work at the Lead Like a Girl conference. Well set on her path to helping solve the big problems of our times, Morgan is a true example of what it takes to be a creative thinker in today's technologically driven world.

Walter Emann, Biology Award: Each year the Biology award is given to a student whose enthusiasm and dedication align with a growing mastery of the study of the life sciences. A seasoned naturalist when he came to Freshman Biology, Walt continued to exhibit boundless enthusiasm for the study of biology throughout high school. During his junior year he doubled his science classes by enrolling in AP Biology and a new program, the PDS research experience (REx), followed by Anatomy and Physiology as a senior. As an upperclassman, he immersed himself in the study of the natural world, exploring plant and insect behavior, delving into the technical nuances of experimental design and learning deeply about the human body. Last summer, he interned with the ecology lab at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and for his senior project, he dedicated his time to understanding a Pavlovian response in pea plants. The energetic way Walt questions and explores the natural world around him inspires adults and peers alike.

Raina Kasera, Chemistry Award: This year's chemistry award is presented in conjunction with the Hubert N. Alyea Award, which is given by the Princeton Section of the American Chemical Society and is named for renowned Princeton Professor Emeritus of Chemistry Hubert N. Alyea. Raina is the consummate chemist, repeatedly demonstrating an ability to observe in keen detail, to measure with fine precision, to synthesize concepts and manipulate data in complex fashion, and to write clearly and convincingly of her results—all with a joyful sense of wonder. She fearlessly stepped into her independent research on advanced stereospecific organic synthesis reactions just as confidently as she did when helping guide her peers in the SiMS center and on the Science Olympiad team. Her passion for learning is a beacon for us all.

Pranav Pulakkat, Physics Award: Pranav exemplifies excellence in the study physics, earning him this award bestowed annually to a student who has developed a strong conceptual understanding of physics, a fluency with advanced mathematical principles, and the ability to apply ideas creatively to analyze and solve complex scientific problems. While teachers often ask their students to dig deeper and challenge their understanding of a topic, Panav is one of the few students who ask that of their teachers in return. Pranav's conceptual and mathematical understanding of physics is truly among the very most advanced among PDS students to date.

Angela Talusan, Overall Science Excellence Award: This award is given to a student who has a strong aptitude for the sciences of matter, life and energy and who seeks deep interconnections among the concepts involved.

A remarkable science student, Angela has taken every advanced science class that PDS has to offer and has an impeccable academic record in all of her science courses. As a REx program independent study participant, she displayed a tremendous commitment to scientific research through her extensive investigations of biomarkers for lung disease of 9/11 survivors as an intern at NYU's Department of Environmental Medicine lab. In addition, she is one of the leaders of our most successful Science Olympiad team to date, not to mention an accomplished dancer.

Adhithya Vijayathevar, The Elizabeth Fine Latin Award: Adithya took his cue from Churchill's advice for a good education, "I would let the clever ones learn Latin as an honour, and Greek as a treat." Well versed in Latin and recently, immersed in Ancient Greek, Adithya used both languages to enhance his writing, develop his thinking and translate his way into a better understanding of the present through its debt to the past. He is this year's recipient of the annual Latin Award named for the fiercely intellectual and classically educated founder of Miss Fine's School, Elizabeth Fine.

Elsie Wang, French Award: Elsie is a student who, in addition to a remarkable mastery of the French language, has developed a real love for French culture and literature. Her passion for unusual and sophisticated vocabulary, and her insatiable curiosity for the mechanical intricacies of French grammar, have helped her developed her remarkable oral and written proficiency. Elsie's essays are things of beauty thanks to her elegant writing style and her impressive analytical skills. During her senior year she deepened her study of French literature by taking a class at Princeton University, while also continuing to read Voltaire, Rimbaud and la Fontaine with her PDS classmates.

Jacob Tharayil, Chinese Award: More than two thousand years ago, the Chinese philosopher Mencius said, "So it is that whenever Heaven invests a person with great responsibilities, it first tries his resolve, exhausts his muscles and bones, starves his body, leaves him destitute and confounds his every endeavor. In this way, his patience and endurance are developed, and his weaknesses are overcome." With passion, perseverence, and a positive spirit, Jacob has shown determination, enthusiasm and eagerness in the study of the Chinese language. His depth of knowledge and understanding of many modern cultures has enabled him to approach the learning of Chinese with an open mind and sophisticated appreciation of Chinese culture. He brings these same qualities of deep learning, steadfast commitment and positivity to everything he does, from scientific inquiry to playing classical bass in the School orchestra.

Joseph Santamaria, Spanish Award: Joe has distinguished himself for his linguistic dedication and outstanding scholarship in the study of Spanish language and Hispanic and Latinx cultures and identities. Scholarly ambition and sincere dedication are the hallmarks of Joe's approach to his work in this discipline. During his tenure in the Upper School, Joe consistently demonstrated his deep proficiency in our most advanced classes: AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature and our post-AP course: Identidades Latino-Americanas. He has written literary analyses worthy of any university course and created original, compelling arguments that address issues in contemporary Latin American society. He deeply caries about and is proud of his Spanish heritage and goes to great lengths to share that passion with all around him.

Léa Namouni, Dual-Language Award: Léa is a highly talented and creative linguist who is as comfortable researching contemporary politics in Venezuela as she is reading Voltaire in French. An outstanding language student, Léa has developed not only an exceptional level of proficiency, but also a deep understanding of the many cultures she came across in her PDS French and Spanish classes. Consistently showing a keen interest in the politics, history and literature of the Francophone and Hispanophone worlds, she embodies the love of language and culture that PDS hopes to inspire in its students.

Julie Patterson, Ceramics Award: Over the last two years, Julie has defined what it means to be an exceptional member of the ceramics studio. She chose a workbench by the window, made it her home, and could often be found working on her projects at all times of the day. With the passage of time and continual growth of her skills, she chose projects that increasingly challenged her and developed her voice in clay. Her inspired work speaks for itself and is often the topic of student conversations when kilns are unloaded.

Shai Früchter, Media Award: This grant award recognizes a student who has demonstrated a commitment to developing the tools necessary to use this form as a language to speak to the complicated texture of the events and experiences that form our lives. Shai has demonstrated these elements of creative and intellectual growth fundamental to success in this field. Over the years he has challenged every assignment and taken it upon himself to form language that is distinctly his. His experimental nature, fused with a deep passion for human experience, has moved him to produce some of the most memorable films that have come out of the media class in years.

Lucy Bailey, Painting and Drawing Award: This award is given to a student who has shown a sustained and deep commitment to the study of art. Lucy has taken on the demands of a studio environment to experiment, take chances, commit to process and delve into the complicated history that has shaped the practice of visual art. Success in the studio demands a student's ability to identify a subject and then relentlessly stay in contact with it while simultaneously unraveling new ways of seeing and communicating this experience. In taking on these challenges, Lucy has created bodies of work that have helped others experience the world around them in new and unexpected ways.

Matt Kuenne, The Gary Lott Art Purchase Award: This award for the arts was established in 2004 with gifts from alumni, family and friends in memory of beloved Upper School teacher and history department chair, Gary M. C. Lott, who served the School for almost 40 years from 1961-2000. Each year, an outstanding student's artwork is selected for purchase and displayed in the School's permanent collection. This year's winner, Matt Kuenne, demonstrates an ever-present love for the creative process, which can be seen by his work in the studio as well as on the stage. His passion for fabrication is driven largely by his thirst for knowledge and quest to satiate his curiosity as a learner. Over the years, Matt has developed a wide portfolio of skills in order to achieve his creative vision.

Nina Ajemian, The Mark Winstanley '90 Art Purchase Award: This award goes to Nina for her exceptional photography and her true love of this art form. Over the past four years, despite a demanding academic schedule, Nina has been one of our best photography students. Her inquisitive nature, sensitivity, humility and kindness are evident in her images and in her relationships with all those around her. Her uniquely creative vision, combined with her impressive skills, have led to images that are invariably independent, original and outstanding. Nina's photographs have been selected for many juried exhibitions and earned her many awards and recognition. She also had a one-person show at Small World Cafe in Princeton and somehow found time to maintain a photo blog and website online.

Amon DeVane, Photography Award: Amon has made photography a significant part of his academic and extracurricular life. Over the last two years, he has jumped head first into photography, with an approach to all of his creative endeavors being nothing short of heroic. Amon has taken on a mastery of photography that goes well beyond the curriculum he has been taught. It is not uncommon to see him come to school early, sometimes before the sun rises, and leave late. His hard work in the studio is represented in the magnificent photographs he has created.

Walter Emann, Giulia Gerschel and Chris Klein, The Andy Franz Woodworking Award: This Award is named in honor of former teacher Andy Franz, who had the pleasure of working with the three recipients of this award collectively seventeen different times spanning the last eight years. Two years ago, all three of them won national honors at the highly competitive Fresh Wood competition. Walt, Giulia and Chris have become mentors to younger students and created a studio culture centered around high skill and an in-depth exploration of traditional and contemporary design.

Eric Chen, Robert Jiang, Kaito Mimura, Tommy Sarsfield (and Charlotte Haggerty '20), Frank Jacobson Music Scholars: The Jacobson Scholar program is named in honor of Frank Jacobson, who taught music at PDS from 1967-2000. He created this Program to provide a course of study and a showcase for students who are serious about music performance and composition, and who intend to major or minor in music in college. Each year at the Awards ceremony, all senior Jacobson Music Scholars are formally acknolwedged.

Eric Chen may not be aware of this, but he seems to have been a Jacobson Scholar for the last 12 years. From his early years in the Lower School and Middle School, to his most recent successes in the Upper School, Eric has remained consistent, persistent and passionate. Playing any instrument requires a high degree of precision, and Eric has proven himself a master violinist. His final Jacobson recital this spring was a testament to his virtuosity. Certainly, there was "no note left behind."

Robert Jiang has demonstrated his passion for music as a member of both the Upper School Band and Orchestra. His creativity and knowledge of music theory and harmony make him an exemplary improviser on jazz flute. Music brings Robert joy and light. He speaks with fervor about his experience here in the music community; he consistently describes being in band as being in a family, a place where he has met some of his best friends and has had the opportunity to showcase his talent and experience the joy of making music together. Due to illness, he was unable to complete his spring flute recital; yet, still he has been a consistent supporter for the arts, and musicians, at PDS.

Kaito Mimura has remained an important and integral member of the Performing Arts program since his arrival at Princeton Day School. His dedication to violin and the art of playing has always been present in both his solo and ensemble appearances at PDS. He has also shared his talents at the prestigious Verbier Festival. His most recent Jacobson Scholar recital was presented passionately and professionally. We are sure that music will always be a part of Kaito's life and we thank him for sharing his talents with us.

Tommy Sarsfield has been an active participant in the Performing Arts throughout his years at Princeton Day School as a member of the PDS Orchestra. Those who attended his Jacobson Recital this spring were awed by his passion and artistry, and could clearly see just how much he truly loves making music on the violin. Regardless of where the road ahead takes him, music will continue to feature prominently in Tommy's life.

Hailey Young, Choral Music Award: Hailey has excelled in the Upper School as a singer, musician and leader. She has served as a section leader of Upper School Chorus, co-head of Pitch-Please, and as a member of the Madrigals. In addition to leading girls a cappella, she also creates arrangements for many of their songs. She exemplifies being a strong leader and musician, and we know she will continue to share her voice and talents in both musical and non-musical endeavors as she leaves PDS.

Eric Chen, Instrumental Music Award: Eric played his first note on the violin at PDS 12 years ago. To describe his achievements at PDS since then is difficult because, as an art, music is very abstract. Yet everything related to this art form has mathematical connections. And in music performance, one cannot erase mistakes: one can only work to not make the same mistakes twice. That level of preparation is a long and tedious process and the road to success in music is based on perseverance, mental stamina and surgical precision. High level music performance is delivered only through hard work and none have worked harder than Eric.

Julia Parks, Theater Award for Performance: Julia earned the rare honor of performing main roles in every production while she was a student in the Upper School. Her energy, work ethic and positive attitude are matched by her boundless talent. Her laugh is infectious and her sheer love of theater has served as a source of inspiration for the entire company. From her work as the overachieving Marcy Park in Spelling Bee to her recent turn as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, the McAneny Theater has been graced by a true triple threat.

Rakesh Potluri, Theater Award for Technical Achievement: The recipient of this year's award has distinguished himself so often and to such a degree that he has become an integral part of every show that has graced the McAneny stage during the last four years. With a keen grasp of both the creative and practical demands of production, he has proven himself to be both an inspired designer and an accomplished technician. He has also shown time and again that he is a natural leader, both on and off the stage.

Léa Namouni, PDS Dance Award: This award goes to a senior who has actively participated in the PDS dance program on a multitude of levels and demonstrates a high level of ability in this field. Léa is a dancer who not only shows advanced proficiency in technique and choreography, but has also maintained a strong presence in the PDS dance department and its activities for the past four years. Whether jumping into a last-minute dance film, staying up to date with the best ballet dancers in the world, or making a televised phone call to the renowned choreographer Twyla Tharp, Léa is always current in her knowledge of the dance world. With an exquisite understanding of the art of choreography through her own dance, and having earned the responsibility of being assistant choreographer for Upper School theater productions Little Shop of Horrors and Bat Boy, she is well-deserving of this year's dance award.

The Gold 'P' Athletics Awards are presented to senior student-athletes who have contributed to the overall success of Princeton Day School's interscholastic athletic program. The award celebrates athletic excellence, sportsmanship, leadership, and participation on varsity teams.

Valerie Radvany, Women's Gold 'P' Award: A 10-varsity season athlete, Val has been a standout on her Field Hockey and Lacrosse teams for four years and on her ice hockey team for two years. She captained both our Field Hockey and Lacrosse teams, and this year, she earned First team Central Jersey Field-Hockey Coach's Association Honors for the third time, and received our Coach's Award and NJISAA All-Star status for her outstanding play as a leading defender on our lacrosse team. She leads by example and does whatever is needed to help her teammates and teams succeed. She will go to Michigan State in the fall to play Field Hockey.

Coby Auslander, Men's Gold 'P' Award: Coby completed 12 varsity seasons over his high school career. He is a three-sport standout in soccer, ice hockey and lacrosse, and he captained all three as a senior. One of the most talented male athletes to come through PDS, he is one of the top five scorers in PDS Hockey history, and he was the leading scorer on his lacrosse team this past season. Beyond his prowess on the field, he is an impactful leader who is soft spoken and respected by all. He will play men's Lacrosse at Christopher Newport University in the fall.

The Frankie Konstantynowicz '76 Sportmanship Award was named for Frank Kontstantynowicz, Class of 1976, a revered Princeton Day School student-athlete who also attended Harvard, where he was a member of the varsity basketball team. This memorial award is in honor of his natural athletic ability, genuine friendliness, sense of fairness and natural, unassuming leadership.

Gwen Allen, Women's Frankie K. Award: In her time here at PDS, Gwen has won constant admiration from her teammates. As a 10-varsity season athlete, she has earned the Central Jersey Field Hockey Coach's Association First Team Honors and the NJISAA Prep B Field Hockey All-State Honors for three consecutive years. Gwen leads with genuine care for her team and her teammates. Despite being hampered by injuries in her senior seasons of basketball and lacrosse, she remained committed to her teams. Her ability to lead with compassion and her determination to stay involved were inspirational for all.

Jimmy O'Connor, Men's Frankie K. Award: Jimmy puts his team first and foremost. Despite coming to PDS as a sophomore, he quickly assimilated himself into every facet of our school. From his first days on campus, he has been a valued teammate as a varsity basketball and lacrosse player. His coaches describe him as one of the most coachable players they have had. He has played through illnesses and injury, and he consistently stepped up when his team needed him. He has been a quintessential student-athlete at PDS.

The Princeton Day School Scholar-Athlete Award recognizes students who have balanced a rigorous course load by maintaining a high standard of academic excellence while fully committing to their athletic endeavors.

Sasha Sindhwani, Women's Scholar-Athlete Award: Sasha is a gifted scholar and multi-sport athlete who played field hockey, ice hockey and softball at PDS. An uncanny scorer who has a nose for the goal in field and ice hockey, her teams are better because of her. Sasha is a quietly strong leader who has consistently demonstrated positive leadership through her impressive work ethic and skill. She is a strong role model for her teammates and has been selected to the ice hockey All-Academic team as well as the NFHCA All-Academic Squad.

Kevin Flahive, Men's Scholar-Athlete Award: In baseball and ice hockey, Kevin takes a leadership role with the younger players on his teams. He has been described as the consummate team player: selfless, positive and always willing to do what is best for his teams. He has balanced a challenging academic schedule and his commitment to sports with remarkable grace. Kevin has also been selected by all 31 members of the New Jersey Independent Schools Athletic Association as the statewide recipient for the NJISAA Scholar-Athlete Award.

The Cum Laude Society

Each year, the PDS chapter of the Cum Laude Society, led by Cum Laude Society Faculty Advisors Lisa Webber and Steve Gadd, inducts a number of students whose academic performance and citizenship fulfill this national honor society's guiding principles of excellence, justice and honor. These are students who enrich the life of the School with their creativity, boldness of thought and generosity toward others, and—in addition to academic achievement—exemplify sound character, honor and integrity. In honoring them, we honor the best in each member of the Class of 2019 and in all of us.

  • Nina Ajemian
  • Elisabeth Berman
  • Seshasri Bhaskar
  • Ben Blitz
  • Charlotte Eiseman
  • Kevin Flahive
  • Jake Harris
  • Isa Hogshire
  • Zoe Jackson
  • Nina Kanamaluru
  • Raina Kasera
  • Morgan McNulty
  • Helen Mehreteab
  • Julia Parks
  • Rakesh Potluri
  • Joseph Santamaria
  • Angela Talusan
  • Daniel Tang
  • Rebecca Tang
  • Jacob Tharayil
  • Elsie Wang
  • Lydia Wu

Link Dedication: Nina Ajemian, Angela Talusan and Oona DiMatteo, the 2018-19 chief yearbook editors, movingly dedicated this year's Link yearbook to Head of School Paul J. Stellato, for the care, pride and hope he inspires in students, which the students lovingly bestowed on him in return this year, especially when he was on medical leave this fall for cancer treatment.

Congratulations to our award recipients and to our wonderful Class of 2019.