Scholastic Gold Key, Silver Key and Honorable Mention Winners
Scholastic Gold Key, Silver Key and Honorable Mention Winners

Photo, above: front row, left to right, Audrey Liang, Hannah Su, Bolin Shen, Allison Liang, Jessie Lin; back row, left to right, Lydia Pamudji, Nina Ajemian, Elsie Wang, Yishi Wang, Vibhu Singh

Princeton Day School is pleased to announce that 10 Upper School students won 20 Scholastic Gold Key Awards for writing and art and 26 students garnered 60 Silver Key and Honorable Mention Awards.

All Gold Key works move on to national judging in New York City and will be considered for national Gold and Silver Medals and Special Achievement Awards, which will be announced in March. Congratulations, all!

Scholastic Writing and Art Gold Key Awards

Poetry, NJ Writing Region:

Jessie Lin '21 for "interview (at the women's shelter)" (Silver Key for poetry, "the life cycle of a star: a study")

Lydia Pamudji '19 for "(Un)apologetic" (Silver Key for flash fiction, "Blonde", Honorable Mention for "Who's the Sinner Now?")

Elsie Wang '19 for "Storm from Shotgun" (Silver Key for poetry "The Girl Who Lived Many Lives")

Photography, Northeast Art Region-at-Large:

Nina Ajemian '19 for "Liquid" (Silver Key for "Myrdal", Honorable Mention for"Onward")

Allison Liang '22 for "Electric"

Audrey Liang '20 for "Caps and Bottles" and for "Tibetan Prayer Flags" (Silver Key for "Parisian Morning" and for "Shandan Flowers", also Silver Key for poetry, "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response")

Jessie Lin '21 for "Figure", "Pacman" and "Incensed" (Silver Key for "Warped", "Have", and "Shock Wave")

Vibhu Singh '19 for "Hot Ice", "Albanian Wedding" (Silver Key for "Flight" and Honorable Mention for "Solitude" and "Raining Light")

Yishi Wang '21 for "Lost?", "Serenity", "Brilliance of the Ignored", "Rush" (Silver Key for "Abandoned Stroller" and "Entwined", Honorable Mention for "Red Syzygy", "Prosperity and Loneliness" and "Looking for Myself")

Architecture & Industrial Design, Northeast Art Region-at-Large:

Hannah Su '20 for "A 'Macbeth' Theater" (Silver Key for "Realizing Dvorak's Piano Quintet as a Pavilion", and Silver Key in Design for "Rubik's Cube", also Silver Key for flash fiction, "motherhood" and for poetry, "Contours of a Ballet Score", Honorable Mention for dramatic script, "Mr. Finleigh", for short story "Sector Omikron" and for poetry, "Tabula Rasa")

Painting, Northeast Art Region-at-Large:

Jessie Lin '21 for "A Quiet Morning in Yakage, Japan"

Bolin Shen '22 for "Summer Drowsiness", "Lotus Garden" (Silver Key for "Full Bloom", Honorable Mention for "Drizzles", "Inspection", "Longing for Shade", "Listening to Dad Boast" and "Inconspicuous")

Scholastic Writing and Art Silver Key and Honorable Mention Awards

Alec Berger '19, Silver Key for photography, "Marooned", Honorable Mention for photography, "Rex Outis"

Hannah Choe '21 Honorable Mention for short story, "Obedient"

Sophie Cohen '20, Silver Key for photography, "Sisters", Honorable Mention for photography, "Cheerleader" and "Endless"

Amon DeVane '19, Silver Key for photography, "Sparks Fly"

Eleanor Ding '22, Silver Key for drawing & illustration, "Harmony" and for essay/memoir, "eleven o'clock"

Kevin Dougherty '20, Honorable Mention for poetry, "The Golden Ages of Life"

Jenny Fan '22, Honorable Mention for humor, "The Story of Plot", "True Self"

Brynna Fisher '20, Silver Key for architectural & industrial design "Reflections of Nature", Honorable Mention for "Campbell Orchard Residence Revisited" and for poetry, "Delights"

Flynn Gorman '19, Silver Key for poetry, "High School Student"

Nina Kanamaluru '19, Silver Key for flash fiction, "White Light" and for short story, "motion sickness"

Spencer Knerr '20, Honorable Mention for flash fiction, "Listen to the Bigwigs"

Aneesh Kumar '19, Silver Key for design, "Tree Lamp"

Sophia Maggio '22, Silver Key for painting "Recovery", Honorable Mention for digital art, "Fortune Teller"

Divya Sharma '22, Silver Key for critical essay, "Should the Second Amendment be protected or repealed?"

Annie Shi '22, Honorable Mention for painting, "The New Yorker"

Ahzaria Silas '20, Honorable Mention for poetry, "The Strife of a Young Black Woman"

Rebecca Tang '19, Silver Key for photography, "The Cave of Tiberius", Honorable Mention for Art Portfolio, "in transition"