Princeton Day School Welcomes New Faculty and Staff
Princeton Day School Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

Princeton Day School is excited to announce the new faculty and staff that will join us this year!

Front Row, left to right:

  • Deborah Koehler, Lower School (LS) Librarian
  • Annabeth Donovan, Communications Associate
  • Grace Ederer, Middle School (MS) Spanish
  • Brianna Robinson, Upper School (US) Spanish
  • Kelly Grosskurth, MS/US Science
  • Toni Dunlap, MS Math: Computer Science
  • Kelley Bethoney, US Biology
  • Gina Karsten, Admission Associate
  • Kayla Stokes, Technical Director
  • Patricia Raymond, US Math
  • Sandy Wang, Head of Lower School
  • Courtney Hodock, Senior Development Officer

Back Row, left to right:

  • Seraphine Hamilton, US English
  • Valerie Robinson, US Math
  • Andrew Lee, Communications Associate
  • Angharad Rebholz, MS Humanities
  • Matt Tramontana, US STEAM Coordinator
  • Jeff Beck, US Computer Science
  • Patty Davidovich, MS Math
  • Rachel Cooper, US Math
  • Kenny Sajo, Technology Support Specialist
  • Jill Brown, MS English
  • Christian Cousins, US Spanish
  • Evan Paine, Assistant Technical Director


  • Rony Hernandez/Custodian

If current PDS parents want to learn even more about these talented people, they can access a fun slideshow with brief bio information on each new faculty and staff member through the password-protected parent portal using this link: