Middle School Head Renée Price Expands Her Role
Middle School Head Renée Price Expands Her Role

During opening meetings at Princeton Day School in early September, Head of School Paul Stellato announced that Middle School Head Renée Price will add to her current title that of Assistant Head of School for Academic Life. Her appointment is effective immediately.

In her fourth year as Middle School Head, Renée Price is a graduate of St. Catherine's School in Richmond, and the University of Virginia, from which she was awarded a B.A. in English and African American Studies. She has been awarded two advance degrees: a Master's of Science degree in Elementary Education from the University of Pennsylvania; and a Master's of Arts in Educational Leadership from the Klingenstein Center, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Price has taught in both public and private schools, served as a department chair, and helped shape policy and program in offices of advancement, admissions, and inclusion. As a faculty member at Maret School and St. Catherine's, she was recognized with three of the schools' highest faculty awards.

An accomplished scholar, author, and speaker, Price has sampled broadly from a range of professional interests: as educational consultant to the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown; and with the trustees of the Church Schools in the Diocese of Virginia, the Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the St. Catherine's Board of Trustees and Parents' Association Board. She has presented at the African American Women's Language Conference at the University of Texas, the Center for the Study of the African Language at the University of Massachusetts, and the People of Color Conference, sponsored by the National Association of Independent Schools.

In announcing her appointment to faculty, Head of School Paul Stellato observed: "Renée has distinguished herself through her care of Middle School students and her attention to every aspect of their experience; her high expectations and unalloyed support of her faculty; her abiding partnership with Middle School parents; and her invaluable counsel of her Leadership Team colleagues, the Head of School, and the Board of Trustees. She has ushered in new curricular initiatives, such as the DaVinci Program; enhanced and expanded the roles of the class deans and, during weekly Focus meetings, brought the stage of McAneny to life."

As Assistant Head of School for Academic Life, Price will work closely with the chairs of the School's Academic Affairs Committee – Casey Upson, Tara Quigley, Cloey Talotta, and Jason Park – as it shapes and assesses the PreK-12 academic program; and with Associate Head of School Lisa Surace, Lower School Head Alesia Klein, and Upper School Head Trixie Sabundayo, as they recruit and assess faculty. Price will carry primary responsibility for the orientation of all new faculty; and, with science faculty member Charlie Alt, will serve as leadership liaison for Princeton Day School's participation in the University of Pennsylvania Fellow Program, a small consortium of select day and boarding schools.

In accepting the appointment, Price stated, "I am honored to continue to serve as Head of Middle School and assume the new responsibilities of Assistant Head of School for Academic Life. In this dual role, I will partner with faculty, school leaders and other stakeholders throughout the entire PDS community focused on a question, 'How can we continuously improve the program experience of our students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12?' I cannot think of a more thrilling endeavor than to help ensure our academic program continues to meet the needs of our talented and diverse student body now and for the future." -Melanie Shaw

Caption: Head of School Paul Stellato seated with Renée Price, Middle School Head and Assistant Head of School for Academic Life.