PDS Model UN Makes a Strong Showing at Dartmouth Conference
PDS Model UN Makes a Strong Showing at Dartmouth Conference

Fourteen of seventeen PDS delegates were recognized with an individual award at this weekend's Dartmouth Model UN Conference. "This was the last PDS Model UN conference for the seniors," reports history teacher Lauren Ledley, who accompanied the team to New Hampshire. "That made the event extra special."

Senior Joseph Santamaria recounts, "It was an emotional experience, to be in our last committee sessions and awards ceremonies. I know that I speak for all the seniors when I say that we love every single delegate on the PDS team, and while we are sad that this was our last conference, we are super excited to see what the team can achieve in the years to come."

PDS Model UN Delegation, Dartmouth Conference (April 5 - 7, 2019)
(Alphabetical order, by class year)

Elisabeth Berman '19 - Best Delegate

Shai Lofdahl Fruchter '19 - Verbal Commendation

Philip Kaplan '19 - Verbal Commendation

Declan Rourke '19

Joseph Santamaria '19 - Best Delegate

Julia Chang '20 - Honorable Mention

Aidan Njanja Fassu '20

Eric Leung '20 Best - Position Paper

Zoe Rivera '20 - Honorable Mention

Rina Sclove '20 - Outstanding Delegate

Harjap Singh '20 - Outstanding Delegate

Megha Thomas '20 - Honorable Mention

Eyal Yakoby '20 - Best Delegate

Matan Blitz '21 - Verbal Commendation

Katherine Jain '21 - Honorable Mention

Sarina Hasan '22 - Verbal Commendation

Japna Singh '22