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PDS Portraits: Walter Emann '19
PDS Portraits: Walter Emann '19

The natural world has always fascinated me. I remember all the way back to Lower School, when Mr. Schomburg would make me super fired-up for science. I was full of burning questions. Freshman year it kind of clicked for me: I can answer those questions on my own. And over the course of high school, thanks in large part to Dr. Norin's mentorship, I've found my confidence and my identity as a scientist. I have questions, and I'm willing to do the work necessary to answer them. I'm especially interested in botany and plant biology research. I work at a plant nursery, and oddly enough, I just made my PDS theater debut as a plant shop employee, Seymour Krelborn, in Little Shop of Horrors, which was a blast.

Last year in the REx program we learned what it means to be a researcher, and we developed our own experiments and found summer internships at labs that were exploring fields of science that interest us. To be in such a small group with peers who are really serious about science, and to get such intensive training, was really special. And the biology lab at UNC was an incredible window into the world of working scientists. My colleagues in the lab could hardly believe I was still in high school.

Walter is among the first students to put his expertise to work in the brand new PDS greenhouse. Learn more about this new school facility!