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PDS Portraits: Skylar Hall '19
PDS Portraits: Skylar Hall '19

"I've danced since I was four. At ten I went to a dance school, and competed and danced with a professional company. I've danced with Alvin Ailey, Princeton Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, and others. PDS has introduced me to other genres of dance that I never encountered at my studio, like samba.

I went to Nashville for the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference in November with Mr. McKinley, Ms. Simonds and other PDS faculty and students. We saw a marching band from a historically black college perform, and had opportunities for black affinity group experiences.

I'm curious about majorette, cheerleading and dance opportunities that are really visible and part of the spirit and culture of college. I'm debating whether I want to go to a historically black college or a predominantly white school. PDS has given me so much, but I also think there's another part of myself that I might tap into if I'm surrounded by people who look like me. As I make up my mind, I'm grateful to have advisors at PDS who are so committed to helping me make the right choice for me."