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PDS Portraits: Peter Teti '19
PDS Portraits: Peter Teti '19

"I like problem-solving. I love looking up after a long stretch of time being completely engrossed in something and saying "Wow, I've ended up in a really interesting place." I like following a path of curiosity until I have dozens of browser tabs open, and just doing that until I have to go somewhere or fall asleep at my desk.

At PDS, I've been engaged in the tabletop gaming club, and started a Rubik's club. I like building computers and tinkering with software, seeing how things are put together. Last year when the STEAM Center opened, I started learning how to 3D print and how to use CAD. This year I'm taking Mr. Tatkon-Coker's industrial design class. I'm getting to study the things that have always captivated me in class, and I'm taking the things I'm learning in class and applying them to pet projects I'm working on outside of class.

Having access to the tools and the skills I'm learning in the Wellemeyer STEAM Center is really exciting; it's a whole new mode of learning. I just keep seeing things and thinking, how can I change and improve this?"