PDS Portraits: Nina Ajemian '19
PDS Portraits: Nina Ajemian '19

"At PDS, I've been able to pursue my two greatest passions: nature and photography. As part of the gallery club, I get to help out with art shows and promote visual art on campus. As part of the Garden Apprentice Club, I work outside, take care of the chickens, and volunteer at the Harvest Festival and other events. I've exhibited my own work in the gallery and in the theater lobby. This spring, in Mrs. H's advanced photography class, I've created a hand-stitched, cloth-bound book documenting my summers at Darthia, an organic farm in Maine. It's gratifying to find ways to fuse these interests, and to share them with my classmates. Everyone's really supportive of the arts at PDS. Even students who don't study art show up enthusiastically for the gallery openings."

The Upper School Art Show, on view through April 17, includes hand-bound photography books created by students in Eileen Hohmuth-Lemonick's Advanced Photography class. Here's an excerpt from the introduction to Nina's book, entitled Through the Hoop House:

The hoop house doors are open and a little girl in a strawberry t-shirt stares back at me. She knows more about everything on the farm than I ever will, so when she asks me what the painted words on a red wagon say, I'm surprised, forgetting that she's only six and can't yet read.

The hoop house doors are open, and I see tomatoes growing. One bite is an explosion of perfect flavor. I can taste the whole farm in that one tomato. It tastes like warm sunshine, a bright blue sky, and the soft dirt beneath my feet.

The hoop house doors are open, and I see people working. A farm never stops growing, so there's always something to do: harvesting, washing, weeding, bundling, cleaning, chopping, planting.

The hoop house doors are open, and I see Darthia. I see why I started working here four summers ago. I see why people love Maine. I see why people believe in something bigger than themselves.

The hoop house doors are open, but I stay outside. From here I can see the whole farm. From here I can see why Bill and Cynthia chose this place. From here I can see everything and I want to remember it all. Every color, every smell, every sound. This is farm life. These moments, this place, and these people.