PDS Portraits: Lydia Pamudji '19
PDS Portraits: Lydia Pamudji '19

"In Freshman year I came to PDS from a big public school in East Brunswick. It was a completely different experience to be in such a small class, and to be conscious of being a minority here. Visual art and creative writing became an outlet for me here early on. Junior year was a big turning point; I found a solid group of friends and a better sense of myself. Ever since, I've been able to be a mentor to younger students, and a leader in different groups and movements on campus.

For my senior project this spring, I'm undertaking an art and community project that includes painting, writing and a large-scale, multi-layered installation in the gallery. Some details are still top-secret! I'm hoping it will allow me to give back to everyone who has helped me over the past few years, and to reflect on what I've accomplished here."

Pamudji's senior project, "THE (HE)ART EXHIBIT," is now on view in the Anne Reid '72 Art Gallery. It is composed of 65 small canvases, each of which will be given, along with a letter of thanks, to members of the PDS community whom the artist credits with having given her support, kindness, mentorship, and inspiration.

The Heart Project