PDS Portraits: Amon DeVane '19
PDS Portraits: Amon DeVane '19

"Exhibiting my portraits of PDS classmates and faculty at school this winter was one of the highlights of my time here. It's always a fun challenge to get a portrait that feels real and true to someone. It all depends on the situation and how I know the person. Sometimes you have to ask permission to take a photo, which can be weird at first. After your first few rejections you realize the worst you'll ever hear is "No, thank you."

Sometimes, a long focal length helps, so you can get a picture from far away without someone noticing or being self-conscious. I've been backpacking all my life, and spent three weeks in Nepal last March. One day I was taking an alternate route to get back to Namche Bazaar, and I saw two kids playing. I signaled to the mother from a distance, and she gave me the thumbs up that it was okay to take a picture. That photo was very well received in class.

I'm not sure what's next... I think I may take a one-way flight to southeast Asia and figure it out from there."

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