PDS Chess Club Grade-Level Team Places First in NJ K-12th Grade Tournament
PDS Chess Club Grade-Level Team Places First in NJ K-12th Grade Tournament

Contributed by PDS Chess Program Coordinator Jairo Moreira

Photo: PDS students on 2nd Grade club chess team lift the 1st Place Team Trophy.

Chess has been a passion for many students at PDS, and the School has a long history of chess club participation and tournament play. Recently, the PDS Chess club team managed to bring a strong and enthusiastic group of students to compete in a New Jersey chess K-12th grade tournament despite the Thanksgiving holiday-week timing.

PDS student players, coaches and parents came to the tournament site in Linhurst, NJ, ready for a long day of chess, arriving early in the morning on November 18 and prepared to stay through the 7pm championship conclusion.

The students went over their recorded games with their coaches and proved extremely disciplined and focused during an arduous five rounds of play. Coach Tatiana Brea encouraged players throughout the day to be present and at their very best. The team room provided for a comfortable, secure environment where the PDS players could prepare, unwind, and just be kids in between rounds. The tournament was played at the same time as the World Chess Championship in London, which the team enjoyed watching between rounds in the team room.

It was a great day for PDS grade-level teams, with the 2nd grade team earning first place, while the 3rd and 1st grade teams earned second place! All of the PDS chess club participants should feel proud of their performances. Congratulations!

Among the individual highlights:

Ethan Fede finished with 4.5 points and became the 2nd grade tournament champion.

Eric Wu won 4 games and finished in second place among 7th grade competitors.

Jamie Wu also won 4 games and finished in fourth place overall for 1st grade.

Rowan Field finished ninth overall for 5th grade.

Anya Jha finished tenth overall for 3rd grade.

Team Participants:

1st Grade: Chloe Wang, Jamie Wu

2nd Grade: Sloane Schwendinger, Ethan Fede, Aditya Pillai, Akshay Pillai, Isabel Takeuchi

3rd Grade: Elias Nicozisis, Anya Jha, Christina Sarvis

4th Grade: Rohan Madhok

5th Grade: Rowan Field

7th Grade: Eric Wu

Jairo Moreira runs the chess program at PDS. He is an International Fide Master of Chess.

Above: 3rd grade team earned 2nd place overall.

Above: 1st grade team earned 2nd place overall.

Above: Ethan Fede came in first overall among all 2nd grade participants.

Above: Eric Wu came in second overall among all 7th grade participants.

Above: Rohan Madhok getting ready to start his game with the black pieces.

Above: Rowan and Lila Field recently played tournament chess in Spain. Earlier this month, Rowan Field, Lila Field and Eric Wu participated at the World Cadet Chess Championship at Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Rowan's mother wrote of their unforgettable international chess experience: "Rowan, Lila and Eric qualified for the 11-round World Cadet tournament in Spain. They competed in a field of 851 participants from 86 countries/delegations. Rowan and Lila were in the U10 girls and Eric participated in the U12 Open section.