Noah Liao '17 Architecture Presentation
Noah Liao '17 Architecture Presentation

Noah Liao '17, a gifted architecture student at Princeton Day School is currently in his freshman year at Cornell University where he is studying architecture, and came back to campus to present one of his projects to David Burkett's architecture class. The project was a rigorous, semester-long design challenge: Noah needed to create a structure based on the theme of an animal; in his case, a manatee.

Noah presented his work to the intimate group in the Arts Atrium: a series of drawings, photographs, cardboard mock-ups, and striking welded pieces (yes, Noah learned to weld for this project), which all culminated in a beautiful model of a striking concrete structure set on a body of water. The group was rapt with attention, and asked questions not only about the creative process but also the time that went into the project (answer: a lot). Though very modest, when Mr. Burkett pressed him, Noah admitted receiving the highest marks for the project.

As Mr. Burkett noted about Noah's work, "A major attribute of Noah's success and one that most successful designers usually possess is an obvious love for learning and the desire for truth, which is why he invites positive constructive criticism and dialogue throughout the creative process." Here are some photos from Noah's visit to Princeton Day School.

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