Model United Nations Team Competes at Princeton Conference
Model United Nations Team Competes at Princeton Conference

The Princeton Day School Upper School Model United Nations Team took part again this year in the highly competitive Princeton University Model UN Conference this past weekend. Faculty advisor and US history teacher Eamon Downey reported "In a field that included just over a thousand high school students, our students fared very well, as 19 of our 28 delegates won a variety of committee awards." Notable awards include Kate Bennett '18 receiving Best Delegate, and Sophie Feldman '18 and Harjap Singh '20 each receiving Outstanding Delegate. Here is a full list of awards. Congratulations!

Best Delegate

Kate Bennett-- Taiping Rebellion

Outstanding Delegate

Sophie Feldman-- SOCHUM Denmark

Harjap Singh-- SOCHUM Denmark

Honorable Mention

Elisabeth Berman-- SPECPOL Denmark

Eric Leung--SPECPOL Denmark

Lex Decker--UNHCR Denmark

Hadeel Eltayeb--UNHCR Denmark

Anjali Bhatia--DISEC Haiti

Jake Bennett-- DISEC Haiti

Vivek Kasubaga-- ECOFIN Denmark

Megha Thomas-- ECOFIN Denmark

Emma Dries-- World Bank Humberto Lopez

Rahul Bhatia-- European Council Denmark

Pranav Pulakkat-- Boer War (Zulu) Chief of the Northeast

Verbal Commendation

Kyle Ready-- SOCHUM Haiti

Raina Kasera-- SOCHUM Haiti

Katie Jain--DISEC Denmark

Declan Rourke-- DISEC Denmark

Ryan Donnelly-- France WWII