Model UN Team Wins Best Large Delegation at Dartmouth Conference
Model UN Team Wins Best Large Delegation at Dartmouth Conference

The Princeton Day School Model UN team continues its winning ways according to faculty advisor Eamon Downey, who reported that "Our Panthers took home their third Best Delegation award in two months, all in nationally attended conferences." The PDS Model UN team traveled up to Hanover, NH this past weekend to compete in DartMUN, a gathering of more than 40 high schools at Dartmouth College. Mr. Downey added, "Besting delegations like Phillips Exeter and Deerfield Academy, we were named Best Large Delegation, with awards going to 16 of our students." Congratulations to our Model UN Team!

Best Delegate:

Shai Fruchter--Malawi in SPECPOL

Emma Dries--Cyprus in EU

Lex Decker--Saudi Arabia in UNEP

Outstanding Delegate:

Eyal Yakoby--Malawi in DISEC

Raina Kasera--Saudi Arabia in SOCHUM

Elisabeth Berman--Malawi in African Union

Eric Leung--Malawi in UNHRC

Declan Rourke--Malawi in World Bank

Kate Bennett--Mike Pompeo in Future Apocalypse

Honorable Mention:

Megha Thomas--Saudi Arabia in SPECPOL

Harjap Singh--Saudi Arabia in WHO

Ryan Donnelly--Saudi Arabia in World Bank

Best Position Paper:

Hadeel Eltayeb--Saudi Arabia in UNHRC

Adayliah Ley--Malawi in SOCHUM

Verbal Commendation:

Kyle Ready--Malawi in UNEP

Joe Santamaria--Saudi Arabia in DISEC