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Lower School Participates in Global Day of Design
Lower School Participates in Global Day of Design

On Monday, May 6, students in the Lower School joined students from over 600 schools, in more than 14 countries on four different continents, in celebrating the Global Day of Design. This day was created to inspire students to create, make and build.

Our students created original airplanes, litter collectors, games, piñatas, pop-up cards and much more:

Ms. Maione's First Grade class learned about the characteristics of major landforms, then designed multimedia depictions of these landforms using a variety of two- and three-dimensional materials. Groups were divided by landform types, with each group actively collaborating on designing their dioramas and creating the different features they would represent.

In art class, Ms. Pike's First Grade class designed cut-out animals that would stand up when assembled. Students worked diligently to explore different methods for their cut-out designs to stand upright.

Expanding on their recent studies, Second Graders designed their own Arctic animals using all kinds of soft forms, cloth, cotton balls, pipe cleaners and other ornamental materials for facial features.

Using boxes and a lot of duct tape and other materials, the Fourth Grade classrooms designed their own arcade games. They drew inspiration from the story of Caine's Arcade, about a boy in a struggling neighborhood in LA who made his own arcade and was discovered by a marketing entrepreneur who decided to start a fund to pay for the boy's college expenses.