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Link Yearbook Shows PDS As They See It!
Link Yearbook Shows PDS As They See It!

This year's three student editors-in-chief of the PDS yearbook, along with an incredible yearbook student staff and faculty advisor Lauren Ledley, have worked hard to create a book that reflects the unique ethos and energy of Princeton Day School. From the eye-opening (literally!) cover to the multiple points of view and varied pathways revealing happenings and events, Here's How We See It brings to life a special community of Upper School students and a year's worth of unforgettable experiences across the entire school community.

Says co-editor-in-chief Oona DiMatteo '19, "At the heart of any good yearbook is a theme, a clear message that dictates the style and feel of the book, and that has been shaped by our community. This school year saw a multitude of changes which all resulted in the shaping and strengthening of our community. We hoped to highlight those changes, while still ensuring that the book was from the perspective of the students. From a new head of the Upper School, Ms. Sabundayo, to the renovation of Shepherd, to the 10th anniversary of our wonderful garden, PDS has experienced a lot this year, but . . . our sense of unity and good spirits have stayed constant. This book is our story, our point of view, our words, and our memories."

Co-editor-in-chief Angela Talusan '19 adds, "A big change that the PDS community had to overcome was the absence of Mr. Stellato. Mr. Stellato has never stopped believing in us, has always seen the best in every PDS student, and has supported our community to no end. Naturally, when he abruptly went on medical leave earlier this year, we wanted to give him some of what he has given us all of these years: support and hope. The school felt so empty without his presence, but we . . . realized that . . . the best course of action was to make him proud and give him hope, just as he has always done for us. From sending get-well cards to folding over 1,000 paper cranes, we grew as a community this year and learned a lot about the power of hope, generosity, and support."

At the conclusion of last week's Upper School Awards assembly, the three student editors-in-chief dedicated this year's Link to Head of School Paul Stellato. As co-editor Nina Ajemian '19 put it in her address to Mr. Stellato and the assembled audience: "This choice was quite easy; when thinking of PDS, you immediately come to mind. You are integral to all of our lives, whether you're addressing our community during an assembly, shaking our hands in the morning or simply waving hello in the hallway. This book is a permanent reminder of your impact on our school. We would like to thank you for everything that you do for the entire PDS community each and every day. In the yearbook you will find a beautiful dedication letter written by your senior advisee, Giulia [Gerschel], on behalf of the senior class. While her experiences are personal, the sentiments she expresses are shared by everyone in our grade. We will all miss you next year and want you to know how significant your guidance has been to us. We hope you love this yearbook as much as we do. We truly couldn't see PDS without you."

It's well worth exploring this publication and savoring the many delights of Here's How We See It, this year's Link yearbook.

Photos: Above, left to right: Faculty advisor Lauren Ledley, Oona DiMatteo '19, Angela Talusan '19, and Nina Ajemian '19 at the yearbook distribution party, (2) Top: all of the seniors on the Link staff