Kindness Day Is Every Day at Lower School
Kindness Day Is Every Day at Lower School

(Photo above: Lively small-group conversations were happening n Ms. Pelc's 4th grade class on specific ways we can practice kindness and caring.)

Today is World Kindness Day, acknowledged internationally as a day to be intentional in our actions and to treat others as we wish to be treated. At the Lower School, kindness is an everyday intention skillfully facilitated by the faculty and staff team. In her weekly outreach to parents on Monday, Lower School Head Alesia Klein remarked on the Lower School's year-long character skill development program, which emphasizes different themes throughout the year, none more so than kindness.

For the month of November, ushering in the season of giving, gratitude is the theme actively being practiced across the PreK-Grade 4 program. Pointing out the wealth of scientific research on the physical and psychological benefits of practicing gratitude, Ms. Klein emphasized the Lower School's work to practice gratitude throughout the day, stating, "...even thinking about the small things for which we are grateful each day can increase one's happiness, empathy, compassion, achievement and one's physical well-being.

"Gratitude jars, gratitude journals and gratitude circles are just some of the ways we help our students take time to reflect on what they are thankful for and reap the many benefits of this practice," she continues. "In our 4th grade leadership classes, our 4th graders defined and reflected on gratitude. They interviewed members of our PDS community as well and created a video," which they shared at this morning's Lower School assembly.

Enjoy the gratitude video the 4th grade Lower School leaders created, and consider ways to practice gratitude on World Kindness Day, and every day! -Melanie Shaw

(Photo below: Ms. Pelc facilitates 4th grade conversations on what kindness looks like in action.)