Spotlight on New Student Jenny Fan '22
Spotlight on New Student Jenny Fan '22

Jenny Brings Her Musicianship, and Much More, to Princeton Day School

Today we're shining a light on freshman Jenny Fan '22 after learning that she recently won first place in the junior woodwind division at the 2018 NJMTA Young Musicians Competition. Jenny, who joined the freshman class at Princeton Day School this year, has been playing clarinet for five years.

When asked what drew her to the School, Jenny described her strong impressions of the community formed during her explorations of the campus. "I value the community most," Jenny explained. "When I toured the School and attended the Open House last year, I really felt that PDS was the best choice for my social, emotional and academic development."

Now more than two months in, Jenny confirms that the School community has lived up to her high expectations. "It's warm and supportive here," she observes. "Everyone was understanding and willing to help me become comfortable in this new environment. All of the teachers and students have a very close relationship, which makes a big difference. And the orientations in August were quite helpful, too!"

The School's program offerings were also a major draw. Having journeyed through the mid-semester point, Jenny has a highly informed sense of the classroom environment. "I'm enjoying all my classes," she reflects, "especially STEAMinar." Jenny adds, "PDS enables me to participate to my full potential while cultivating my love and curiosity for learning. I hope to focus throughout on STEAM, particularly math, science and computer science."

The Fan family are active members of their Belle Mead, Montgomery Township community, and Jenny is committed to performing in the regional music scene while also prioritizing academic studies. In 2018 and 2017, she auditioned and was accepted both times to the Wind Ensemble for the Intermediate Region Band. In 2017, Jenny also won the Westminster Conservatory Scholarship competition. She plans to audition for the High School Region Band in December.

As for musical endeavors at PDS, Jenny explains, "I am planning to participate in PDS ensembles throughout my four years in the Upper School while also participating in ensembles outside of school as well as various competitions."

We're looking forward to seeing Jenny chart her path! -Melanie Shaw

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