Introducing New PDS Faculty and Staff
Introducing New PDS Faculty and Staff

Princeton Day School warmly welcomes the talented new group of 2018-19 faculty and staff joining us to help ensure the best year ever for students and families!

Front row, left to right:

  • Dorothy Colavecchio, Middle School (MS) architecture teacher
  • Betsy Bell, Lower School (LS) art assistant teacher
  • Deva Watson, MS visual arts teacher
  • Cathy Quinlan, MS Spanish language teacher
  • Christina Lee, LS Kindergarten teacher
  • Annemarie Strange, MS science teacher, coach
  • Trixie Sabundayo, Head of Upper School (US)
  • Chandra Smith, Chair of US math department, MS and US math teacher
  • Wenting Chen, US Chinese language teacher
  • Alana Allen, US physics and engineering teacher
  • Rocío Ruiz, MS Spanish language teacher
  • Kira Dudeck, LS 4th Grade assistant teacher
  • Stefanie Santangelo, US history teacher
  • Alexandra Feuer, US Counselor
  • Darling Cerna, College Counseling assistant

Back row, left to right:
  • Tommy Davis, US English teacher, Admission athletics liaison, coach
  • Matthew Trowbridge, MS humanities teacher, coach
  • Melanie Shaw, Director of Communications
  • Neetika Bhalla, MS math teacher
  • Marco Fernandez-Obregon, Interim Director of Facilities Operations
  • Joshua Lyons, MS math teacher
  • Dan Mullen, Groundskeeper
  • Emilie Miller, LS 3rd Grade assistant teacher
  • Julia Beckman, LS music teacher
  • Kevin Graham, Registrar
  • Liz Sharlow, MS Counselor, coach
  • Erin Pelc, LS 4th Grade teacher
  • Jonathan Martin, MS theater teacher and director
  • Doug Davis, US history and AP human geography teacher, coach
  • Kim Roesing, Advancement database manager
  • Radhika Bhatia, LS PreK assistant teacher

In addition to learning who's new on staff, here are new 2018-19 fast facts about PDS.