Harjap Singh '20 Shares His Perspective on Xenophobia and Racism
Harjap Singh '20 Shares His Perspective on Xenophobia and Racism

In the wake of recent attacks at two mosques in New Zealand, PDS junior Harjap Singh '20 wrote a deeply personal and powerful essay on racism and xenophobia, which was published this week in the Orlando Sentinal's "My Word" column. Titled "Fighting Xenophobia: A Sikh Perspective," his essay shared his own experiences of being targeted and also confronted the motives of those who exhibit racism and xenophobia.

"If we are to eliminate the impacts of prejudice and xenophobia in our society, it is crucial to start having more meaningful discussions surrounding diversity whether it be with our peers, neighbors, colleagues, and even our family members," Harjap wrote.

A conscientious senior at Princeton Day School with an abiding interest in the humanities, Harjap has been actively involved in several School programs including Model UN, Environmental Action, Climate Scholars and the Student Progressive Coalition. He is one of several Upper School student leaders training for a student-led Anti-Hate "teach-in" to be held at the School in April.

Last year, Harjap attended a semester program at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership in Washington, D.C. and was also selected this past summer to attend a week-long Lead for Diversity program in New Jersey. Lead for Diversity programs are focused on developing productive conversations that connect diverse communities around race, religion, privilege and gender.

"I'm committed to climate-related and social justice activism," says Harjap. Everyone at PDS who knows Harjap can attest that his ardent interest in both of these areas is evident in all that he does at school and beyond.

- Melanie Shaw