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Artist Shoshannah White Visits Upper School
Artist Shoshannah White Visits Upper School

Professional photographer and former gallery exhibitor Shoshannah White spoke with Upper School students in Advanced Photography in Lighting and Printing and Advanced Photography in Fine Art. A selection of Shoshannah's portraits were displayed in the first Anne Reid '72 Art Gallery exhibit of the year, "Making Portraits." Her portfolio can be found here.

Photography student Joe Hudicka '20 provided a reflection on Shoshannah's visit:

"I was truly inspired by Shoshannah, especially with her work with glacial ice and coal. The way she made connections between her photos in order to create a much larger image, such as her cube sculpture, introduced a whole new level of artistic thinking that I had never thought about before. I also loved how she combined two different mediums, photography and fine art, in her portraiture work by layering the tops of each picture with a mixture of wax and metallic flakes to give them extra texture and shine. These advanced methods gave me plenty of ideas that I could use in my own work in the future!"

While Shoshannah's work is no longer on display in the Anne Reid '72 Art Gallery, a new exhibit just opened for the public! The current exhibit, "Over/Under," showcases the work of nine Princeton Day School faculty members and is up through November 17th, with a public reception on October 17th from 12:30 to 1:00. We hope you can stop by and see the diverse artistic talents of the PDS faculty!