First Graders Release Podcast, "1P's World"
First Graders Release Podcast, "1P's World"
Karen Pike's First Grade class is proud to announce the release of their podcast, "1P's World," on iTunes and Spotify!

"The children worked so hard on this endeavor!," reports Ms. Pike. "You would be amazed at how much work went into the end product. I'm so proud of their accomplishment, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did!"

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To create the podcast, students conducted research on topics of their choice, then discussed and summarized what they learned. Later, they created a script, and worked with technology teacher Carol Olson to record their script in audio format and edit it with the Garage Band app.

Ms. Pike explains, "The beauty of the podcast format is that it allows students to engage with technology as they evaluate and synthesize their learning. My goals in embarking on this project were multiple, but my primary aim was to create a classroom atmosphere in which each student is empowered to select a topic of interest, and then learn how to work together with their peers to communicate what has been learned."

The podcast project helped students develop their writing and speaking skills. The children worked diligently all year to move away from copy-and-paste research to form opinions and ask questions about what they are learning. The podcast is a culmination of their hard work, which they are now ready to share with a wider audience. Enjoy!