Fab Four: Group of PDS '17 Alums Builds Their Brand, Founding JÜV
Fab Four: Group of PDS '17 Alums Builds Their Brand, Founding JÜV

Operating out of a Brooklyn loft -- and remotely from their respective colleges, a new company founded by friends including four PDS alums from the Class of 2017 aims to make the style and voice of their generation seen and heard. CEO Ziad Ahmed '17 shares how PDS helped influence his and the company's development:

"This past summer, eight members of the JÜV team lived/worked together building out this company, hustling for Generation Z's seat at every table. Four of those eight members are PDS '17 alumni -- myself, Nick Jain, Jacob Chang, and Itai Fruchter. Our team always jokes that we, PDS kids, are so extra -- but I feel really lucky to have met such phenomenal people during my time at PDS that make me excited to get to do the work that I do. Beyond that, there are a few people specifically at PDS who have been instrumental in shaping who I am today -- namely Sra. Simonds and Ms. Lee. Itai, Nick and I developed a lot of our rapport in Ms. Lee's class as she encouraged us to listen more and be thoughtful, always. Sra. Simonds was my advisor in high school, and is someone I continue to go to for advice often. The people I met at PDS have made JÜV/my reality that much better and bolder."

All four have returned to their respective colleges, where they will juggle the demands of college life along with those of growing a new company. Ziad attends Yale University, Nick is closer to home, at Princeton University, and both Jacob and Itai attend the University of Chicago.

PDS Head of School Paul Stellato says, "During their time on the Great Road, these four young men pushed us to think in new ways, aspire to loftier goals, and be fearless in our exploration. They continue to expand and build upon the habits they developed and honed in our hallways and classrooms, and, as we did during their school years, we watch them with awe and admiration." -Melanie Shaw

Congratulations, Panther alums! Read more about these students and their new venture in this New York Times story.

From left to right in photo: Jacob Chang '17, Nick Jain '17, Itai Fruchter '17, Ziad Ahmed '17. Photo courtesy of Ziad Ahmed.