Empire Model UN Conference
Empire Model UN Conference

This past weekend, PDS attended NYU's Model UN conference, EMPIREMUNC. A total of 25 delegates, including students in grades 9-12 spent countless hours developing ideas and preparing for their roles in their respective committees. From discussing global health issues to deriving solutions to the Troubles in Ireland to representing different tribes in the Avatar committee, students worked tirelessly from Thursday to Sunday. Observing our students tackle complex world problems in a setting that mirrors the global community in which they will soon find themselves is always wonderful! We are incredibly proud of all our delegates and their fantastic teamwork, collaboration, and passion for the club. Led by the Secretariat, composed of seniors Aidan Njanja Fassu, Eric Leung, Harjap Singh, Megha Thomas, Eyal Yakoby, the team won Best Large Delegation, in addition to many other individual honors.

We were also delighted to see PDS Model UN alumni chairing committees and orchestrating logistics: Caroline Bernstein '17 served as Director of Logistics, Hadeel Eltayeb '18 and Minori Parelkar '17 co-chaired the Fire Nation committee and Vivek Sharma '18 supported the conference behind the scenes.

Best Delegate

  • Harjap Singh '20, representing Somalia in DISEC
  • Eric Leung '20, representing Saudi Arabia in UNICEF
  • Julia Chang '20, representing Sierra Leone in WHO
  • Eyal Yakoby '20, representing China in G20
  • Saahith Potluri '21, representing Sir Palomedes in King Arthur's Round Table
  • Rina Sclove '20, representing Minister Ritoki in the Fire Nation
  • Eli Soffer '22, representing Zasnick in the Water Nation

Outstanding Delegate

  • Anjali Bhatia '21, representing James Callaghan in the UK Troubles
  • Katie Jain '21, representing Desmond O'Malley in the Irish Troubles
  • Aidan Njanja Fassu '20, representing Greece in World Bank
  • David Cohen '23, representing Russia in UNSC
  • Matan Blitz '21, representing Aleks Konovalov in the Cold War

Honorable Mention

  • Sarina Hasan '22, representing Vietnam in DISEC
  • Aidan McChesney '21, representing Belgium in WHO
  • Akash Bhowmick '23, representing Colombia in World Bank
  • Vinay Rao '21, representing Guaduppe Victoria in the Mexican War
  • Alex McInnes '23, representing Admiral Zhao in the Fire Nation

Best Position Paper

  • Megha Thomas '20, representing Italy in UNSC
  • Japna Singh '22, representing Nigeria in UNICEF

Verbal Accommodation

  • Aaron Phogat '21, representing the UK in DISEC
  • Ansh Kulkarni '22, representing Turkey in WHO
  • Zakir Zaidi '21, representing France in World Bank