Emily Trend '18 Named Finalist in National Shakespeare Competition
Emily Trend '18 Named Finalist in National Shakespeare Competition

On April 23--incidentally, the birthday of William Shakespeare--Princeton Day School senior Emily Trend had the opportunity to perform at the 35th Annual National Shakespeare Competition at Lincoln Center in New York, and was named a finalist. Only seven finalists were named from the 55 students from around the country who competed as the culmination of a year-long competition hosted by the English-Speaking Union (ESU). Emily qualified for the national competition by winning the regional ESU Princeton Branch Shakespeare Competition in February.

In a release issued by the ESU, Emily commented: "Shakespeare's legacy is something we can all partake in by reading, performing and appreciating his work. The fact that his language has as much beauty and power now as it once did is astounding!"

Here is a video of Emily's performance at the Competition:

As per the ESU website, more than 20,000 high school students participate each year in the English in Action National Shakespeare Competition at the school, regional and national levels through the help of more than 2,500 teachers and 55 ESU branches nationwide. As part of the competition, students perform a monologue and recite a sonnet from Shakespeare and are judged on their understanding of their selected texts and on their ability to communicate their interpretation to the audience. Through this school-based program, students in grades 9-12 develop critical thinking and speaking skills and increase their self-confidence through the performance of Shakespeare's work.

Since 1983, the English-Speaking Union has given more than 300,000 students of all backgrounds the opportunity to bring the timeless works of Shakespeare to life and to learn to express his words with understanding, feeling and clarity. The competition has been recognized by the Globe Center, the Children's Theatre Foundation of America and the American Academy of Achievement.

The competition brings together renowned actors and members of the theater community to judge the students' performances, and has launched the career of many esteemed actors. For additional information regarding the English in Action National Shakespeare Competition, please visit For additional information about the English in Action, please visit