Character Skills in the Lower School
Character Skills in the Lower School

At the beginning of the academic year, Head of Lower School Alesia Klein shared that the Lower School would be participating in a year-long character skill development program, emphasizing different themes throughout the year. The year began with the theme of kindness, culminating in World Kindness Day on November 13. This month and next, the students are focusing on the theme of respect. In mid-January, students will explore empathy. And for the spring, Mrs. Klein will partner with her 4th grade leaders to choose the final theme to explore.

For the respect theme, the 4th grade students have defined respect and shared ways they could be respectful in their 4th grade leadership classes. Here are some of their definitions: "It is like the Golden Rule. We should treat others the way we would like to be treated." "It is showing consideration for yourself, others, and the world." "We should respect others' personal space." "We should remember to use words carefully because words can hurt as hard as a fist." "We should remember to take care of our responsibilities at home and be kind to our siblings."

Princeton Day School helps our students learn to make respectful choices and grow up to be adults who make the right decisions for themselves and others. By encouraging, modeling and engaging in discussion and activities that help build respect in our children, we can help them grow into honorable and productive adults who strive to reach their full potential.

In a recent newsletter, Mrs. Klein wrote, "In the beginning of the year, I urged students to think of our Lower School as one big team. I encouraged them to work together, cheer for each other, listen to each other, help each other, share with one another, include each other, understand each other, care for each other, and respect each other. I see our students doing this every day."