Box Office Open for 26 Pebbles
Box Office Open for 26 Pebbles
The box office is now open for the New Jersey premiere of Eric Ulloa's 26 Pebbles, performed by the PDS Upper School theater program. The show will run Friday, November 1 and Saturday, November 2 in McAneny Theater and is open to the public. Get your tickets now to see Princeton Day School's award-winning Upper School theater program in what promises to be a riveting performance.

Written as a docudrama, this play gives voice to the citizens of Newtown, CT, a small, New England town, who, after witnessing unimaginable tragedy and heartbreak at Sandy Hook Elementary School, learn to move forward and rebuild their town. As playwright Eric Ulloa explained in his statement about the work, "26 Pebbles is not a play about the loss of 20 young children and six adults. Those are just the circumstances. It is the story of hope and of family and of community. It is the story of the human condition." These 26 lives—described by one local resident as "pebbles thrown into a pond"—created ripples that captured the attention of the entire nation and spread a powerful legacy of love through this small town.

In a structure reminiscent of Thornton Wilder's Our Town, the people of this Newtown ask, "How does a community endure the ultimate test, and what comes after the cameras and noise leave?" Please join us as we visit with the voices of Newtown and explore the path to build a "bridge to a new and kinder world."

26 Pebbles is recommended for ages 13 and up. This production will be performed at the 2020 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland this summer. This visit marks Princeton Day School's fourth invitation to the Festival, which is the world's largest celebration of arts and culture.

Below is the cast list, including those who are not performing in the Fall Play but will travel to Edinburgh:

  • George Ma '20
  • André Williams '22
  • John Akbari '21
  • Harrison Fehn '22
  • Alex Darenkov '21
  • Yael Tuckman '22
  • Holly Teti '21
  • Grace Marshall '20
  • Laurel Masciantonio '23
  • Krista Caasi '20
  • Kat Lytkowski '20
  • Ritika Kumar '21
  • Charlotte Haggerty '20
  • Hope Jerris '21


  • Neha Kalra '22, Assistant Director
  • Zoe Latanision '23
  • Joe Lippman '22

Not Cast but performing at 2020 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

  • Milind Singh '22
  • Christian Mayer '22
  • Sophia Glasgold '22

To buy your tickets, visit our Box Office here.