PDS Families, Are You Ready for the Harvest Festival October 13?
PDS Families, Are You Ready for the Harvest Festival October 13?

Check these 10 fast facts to see how much you know about the PDS Garden, which celebrates its 10th anniversary with an extra-special Harvest Festival this year:

  1. A chicken's earlobe will determine the color egg they lay: white will lay white eggs, red will lay brownish eggs, and blue will lay blue or green eggs.
  2. Much of the summer garden produce is donated to Arm in Arm for people in need.
  3. The garden enjoyed its first corn maze this year with popcorn, Hopi Blue corn and red corn varieties.
  4. Flik, PDS' food service, donated money for the garden's bees and chicken coop and use the surplus eggs and honey for cooking.
  5. An active compost pile can reach temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. An Ostro Grant is funding the design of a Middle School garden curriculum and this year for the first time, interested seventh and eighth graders will participate in a Da Vinci class focusing on cooking and sustainability.
  7. Seventeen Upper School students have participated in the Garden Apprentice Program since it was initiated in 2010. A Teaching Assistant Program with a focus on gardening will be introduced this year.
  8. Each year, several schools visit the PDS garden to learn how to start their own.
  9. At the end of their study of bees, fourth graders don veils and protective gear and peer into an open hive to identify the queen. In the spring, they are charged with checking for swarms around the campus.
  10. Last spring, a National Association of Independent Schools publication cited PDS as being "in the forefront of the sustainability in schools movement for 10 years."

Registration for the Harvest Festival is closing on Tuesday, October 9! Don't miss out! -Melanie Shaw and Linda Stefanelli '62