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5th Graders Present Their Micro-Grid to Sustainable Princeton
5th Graders Present Their Micro-Grid to Sustainable Princeton

Photo: Below, Jessica Clingman's (third from right) 5th Grade science class presenting micro-grid to Jenny Ludmer (sixth from right) of Sustainable Princeton in the Wellemeyer STEAM Center this morning. Above, students inspecting the micro-grid before the presentation.

School may be about to end but in Jessica Clingman's Fifth Grade Science class, the students are still in active learning mode! Today they capped off one of their many exceptional projects undertaken this year with a special presentation to Sustainable Princeton.

Earlier this year, as you may remember, Ms. Jenny Ludmer from Sustainable Princeton visited PDS to explain to the 5th Grade what micro-grids do and how they work. At the time, she challenged Ms. Clingman's class to apply their learning and explore some possible micro-grid solutions for our region.

Ms. Clingman explained, "We researched more deeply to understand how micro-grids work and learn more about energy, electricity and resources in our region and across the state and nation. After agreeing on a Princeton-area micro-grid project plan, we then learned how to use Tinkercad, a 3D printing program, to create houses, and then developed our skills to make larger structures to represent community buildings such as police stations, grocery stores and hospitals.

"Senior Kaveena Patel and STEAM Coordinator Jonathan Tatkon-Coker then helped us burn the map on top a piece of wood with the laser cutter and then string the lights through the houses," Ms. Clingman continued. "The students were honored to present the micro-grid map to Sustainable Princeton today; we hope it will be useful in their continued efforts to raise local awareness about how a micro-grid can benefit the Princeton community," Ms. Clingman added. "We also hope they will challenge us to do something else for them next year!"

Afterward, Ms. Ludmer expressed her thanks on behalf of Sustainable Princeton and shared her reaction to the presentation: "I'm so impressed that Ms. Clingman managed to put this idea into action, and that she and the 5th Grade students were able to figure out how to use a 3-D printer to create the components and then wire it to help display how a micro grid works. It will surely make an interesting conversation piece this summer for Sustainable Princeton to take around town."