Service Learning in the 10th Grade

by Krithika Vasireddy '20 and Zaiya Gandhi '20

We are the service learning representatives for the Class of 2020. After holding a successful beach sweep last year with 30 of our classmates, we realized that holding more events like this was very plausible. During the summer, we researched organizations and group community service projects that we could implement throughout the school year. Going into the new school year, we set a goal of completing one project each month.

Before the summer, we had begun to plan a project for September 28, which the school then dedicated to service for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. Our grade utilized the time for a trail clean-up. We spent three hours of the morning on an abandoned trail on the edges of the school’s campus, divided into groups of seven. In each group, the students all had different tools and designated jobs. We finished earlier than expected, so our grade walked through the trail at the end. We were astonished by the progress of the trail made in such a short time. Many students reported that it was much more fun than they had expected, and they were excited to hear about future projects and community service opportunities.

In October, we worked with RISE, a food pantry in Hightstown, on a project to collect food and make sandwiches. We advertised the project and worked together with our grade to collect boxes of food during the week prior. Then on Friday, October 27, we met with 15 students after school, mostly sophomores, to make over 100 bagged lunches. In about two hours, there were three boxes full of brown paper bags that the reps brought over to the food pantry. As they arrived there was already a line of people waiting to receive the food. The project was successful and many sophomores were now even more interested in community service.

Projects for November and December were combined due to less school days because of the winter breaks. On December 7 and 8, many sophomores participated in the PDS Wrap-In to organize and wrap the gifts collected by the Lower School. These gifts would go to foster children through the organization One Simple Wish. On Thursday, December 7, a group of sophomores met after school to sort the gifts by age in the Lower School. The next day, students offered their free periods in the morning to help Lower School students wrap gifts. The event was successful and many sophomores were happy to have shared their holiday spirit with Lower Schoolers.

We have begun planning projects that will take place in the next month, and we are looking forward to the future with regard to service projects for our grade. 

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