Meet the Benchwarmerz: A Senior Project

Russell Friedman '18 and Nic Petruolo '18

For those who are not familiar with the tradition of senior projects at Princeton Day School, for the last four weeks of the school year, seniors set out to explore and delve into topics that they find most interesting.  While pondering senior project ideas, coincidentally, we both felt that we wanted to be involved in creating content for the PDS athletics Twitter page. As both of us have similar interests in athletics, technology, and social media, it was only fitting that we took upon this role, to enhance the media output and social media presence of the Princeton Day athletics by adding a unique student perspective to the content.  As a result we came to an agreement that it was necessary to take on this task as our senior project.

In order to fulfill our desires for creating content for the PDS Twitter page, we knew we would need to use all sources of media such as film, photography, and journalism, as well as a partnership with the PDS Communications and Athletics offices. Our goals are to produce a montage of slow motion highlights from each week, also known as “Slo-mo Mondays,” one question-interviews with each captain, an article featuring the legendary PDS lacrosse coaches (Rich DeAndrea, and Rob Tuckman), whom will be retiring at the end of this season, pre-game hype photography edits, and a season-ending highlight compilation. We are confident that our dedicated time will pay off and increase PDS’ social media presence, fulfilling our overarching goal.

Spring sports come to an end May 16, at which point we will start a recruiting process in an attempt to find rising seniors who are willing to take on the position of a social media head and co-head.  Stay tuned!


The Benchwarmerz

Russell Friedman and Nic Petruolo