Sustainability 2020-21


Dear Princeton Day School Families,

Sustainability is central to life at Princeton Day School.  Please check out the sustainability page on the website to see the full program.

All families are a part of this initiative and I hope this letter will help you see some what you can do to support your children.

NEW IN 2020: We are thrilled to announce that our new LEED certified Field House will have four electric vehicle charging stations. Stay tuned for details on their use. The Field House will also have an interactive touch screen in the lobby where you can learn about all the ways the building is sustainably designed and built. Also, stay tuned for sign up information on volunteer family work times in the garden.

A reusable water bottle is a required piece of daily athletic equipment. Please make sure your child has one in their after school athletic gear bag every day. Also, please send your athlete with an after-school snack.  Our goal is to remove single serving disposables from campus, and ask you not to bring in cases of bottled beverages or multipacks of disposable snack bags for teams.  The snack bar stays open after school for your child to buy a snack if you don’t wish to send one.

NO CAR IDLING POLICY: For the health of all of our children, we have a no idling policy. PLEASE DO NOT IDLE while you wait in your car. While you’re idling, another person is exhaling the pollution from your car.  Experts advise that if you are waiting for more than 10 seconds, you should turn off your car to reduce your environmental impact and save gas money. Check out our sustainability webpages for more information. We hope you’ll display proudly your “Panthers Never Idle” magnets on the back or side of your car.   If you don’t have one, we’ll be happy to give you one in the fall.

ZERO WASTE CAMPUS: We are working towards a zero-waste campus. Lunch is our biggest challenge. If you send your child with lunch or a snack, please package it in a reusable lunchbox/bag with plastic containers (of the Tupperware type), a reusable bottle, and a cloth napkin. Taking care of the lunchbox is a good way to help your child learn responsibility. Our composting program has put over 100 tons of food waste and nutrients back into the soil rather than sending it to the landfill. You can be a part of the solution!

CARPOOL TO SCHOOL: Carpooling is another great way to practice sustainability. To make it easier for families to search for other families in their area with whom they can carpool to Princeton Day School, we have a carpool map on “Inside PDS” in the parent portal in the left navigation menu.  Save time, save gas, reduce carbon emissions.

PARENT SUSTAINABILITY & GARDEN GROUP (PSGG) is the wonderful Parents Association committee that supports sustainability and the garden at our school.  We plan many activities for parents and organize volunteer days in the garden. For more information contact the parent co-chairs: Jody Glasgold (, Lisa Scheerer (, or Kevin Sopko (

If you have any questions or ideas, we welcome them.  Please feel free to contact me at

Liz Cutler
Sustainability Coordinator