Our Garden

Our Organic Garden

At Princeton Day School, the organic garden, which began in 2008, provides a natural opportunity to work across disciplines and across divisions: the circular process from planning and planting to tending and harvesting teaches in a practical and visible way the values of responsibility, caretaking, patience, and hard work. It is where we begin teaching ecological, systems thinking and environmental stewardship. As a hands-on partner to classroom work, the garden provides a fun and engaging way to teach almost any subject – from science and math to social studies and art – bringing lessons to life through direct experience and kinesthetic participation.

Our outdoor classroom has a full teaching kitchen, giving students the opportunity to go from seed to table right in the garden. They are able to participate in the full cycle of food from planting and tending to harvesting and cooking. They learn the life skills of gardening, teamwork, cooking, and nutrition to complement their academic work in this outdoor garden laboratory.

Overall School Garden Award in 2015

In 2015 PDS was awarded the Overall School Garden of the Year Award in NJ!