Parents Association


All parents and guardians are members of the PDS Parents Association (PDSPA) and we welcome your active participation in this important part of the PDS community.

As a unified parent body, we can achieve our mission to promote a strong sense of community in partnership with the school and to facilitate communication, cooperation and involvement throughout the PDS community. The PDSPA and our cadre of volunteers serve a vital role in enriching the PDS experience for our families, students and faculty.

Parents Association GardeningIn each school division, there are numerous opportunities to meet with other parents and school faculty to participate in the life of the school and share ideas around learning and parenting. The PDSPA is a vibrant network; parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to reach out to any member of the PDSPA Governing Board, committee chairs, and grade representatives with any questions pertaining to PDSPA-sponsored activities or life at PDS.

Participation in the PDSPA is a great way to get involved in the life of the school and to meet many of your fellow parents. So get involved, make a difference, and be part of the PDS experience! To contact the PA, email