Parents Association


All parents and guardians are members of the PDS Parent Association and we encourage your active participation in this important part of the PDS community.

With your help, we can achieve our mission to promote a strong sense of community in partnership with the school and to facilitate communication, cooperation and involvement throughout the PDS community.

Participation in the PDSPA is a great way to get involved in the life of the school and to meet many of your fellow parents. So get involved, make a difference, and be part of the PDS experience!

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The Angels is a parent organization that provides support for the upper school Performing Arts Program (PAP) including the fall play, winter musical and spring festival. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of the performing arts, advocate for performing arts education, support the students who participate, and raise funds through a number of activities and events. Funds raised are used for acquisitions and capital improvements that directly benefit the theater and the PAP. Supporting activities include providing meals for the cast and crew during the weeks of performances, box office, concession stand, mailings, public relations, t-shirt and poster sales, videotaping and photography of shows, and our annual fundraiser, the benefit dinner.



Applause is a parent volunteer organization that supports the Middle School theatre program. Parent volunteers support the faculty and students during the production of the fall play and the spring musical. Many opportunities are available to support the Middle School productions, from chaperoning rehearsals to providing snacks.


Art Action

Art Action is a parent group that provides support for the art department in all three divisions at PDS. Its purpose is to encourage PDS families' interest in and appreciation for the arts. Volunteers assist faculty and staff with art exhibits, lectures, and trips. For more information or to volunteer, contact the chairs:


The Parents Association hosts this not-to-be-missed event in the Spring, which raises funds for professional development for our faculty.


Book Fair

The Book Fair is held every year for family and friends of the school. All proceeds benefit the PDS libraries. The Book Fair offers a great selection of books and related items at a reasonable price.

Book Fair Committee Chairs:

Booster Club

The Booster Club is a parent organization that supports the athletic community of the upper and middle schools. Its purpose is to promote enthusiasm and spirit among athletes, parents, and spectators. Booster volunteers raise funds to directly benefit PDS sports programs.

Booster Club Committee Chairs:

Community Multicultural Development Team

The Community Multicultural Development Team (CMDT)'s mission is to harness the strengths that reside in the PDS community's diversity of race, gender, ability, ethnicity, religion, financial circumstance, geography, and sexual orientation. The CMDT values the critical involvement of our parents in supporting and developing the PDS tradition of understanding and appreciating the richness of our diverse community. The CMDT Parent Association representative facilitates communication, supports parents, and coordinates celebrations throughout the year.

The CMDT is excited to involve the PDS community in the second annual "Taste of Home" celebration that will soon be announced for Spring 2016!


Common Ground

This lecture series is a collaborative effort of the Parent Associations of Princeton Area Independent Schools to bring exceptional speakers to the Princeton community. The lectures, which occur three times per year and rotate among the member schools, deal with educational and parenting issues. The lectures are free and open to the public. Please visit the Common Ground Web Site

Common Ground Committee Chairs:

Friends of the PDS Libraries

The mission of the J. Richardson Dillworth Friends of the PDS Libraries is to support, strengthen and promote libraries as centers of learning; to foster the process of intellectual growth; and to nourish the imagination with the pleasures of reading. Volunteers support the library faculty and promote reading through a variety of activities.

Committee Chairs:

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a PDSPA network to assist any member of the PDS community during a time of need. The Helping Hands response depends on the specific situation; we strive to provide compassionate support in a sensitive, appropriate and discreet manner. We welcome parent and faculty input.



The Ovations committee is a parent organization that supports music programs in all three divisions. Its purpose is to assist faculty and student performers with music events and facilitate communication with parents. Our volunteers chaperone events, promote concert CD sales, provide upper school student pre-concert dinners, organize post-concert receptions, and prepare parent communications.

Ovations Committee Chairs:

Parent Ambassador Program

The Parent Ambassador Program is designed to ease the transition of new families into the PDS community. Before the school year begins, parent volunteers organize social gatherings for new families. These events provide an informal and relaxed atmosphere where questions pertaining to life at PDS can be answered. The partnership continues throughout the year and encourages new families to participate in Parents Association activities.


Parent Sustainability and Garden Group

The Parent Sustainability and Garden Group is a parent group formed to support Princeton Day School's goal to become a sustainable community where students are educated about the importance of stewarding our planet's resources for the next generations. The Parent Sustainability and Garden Group will work to educate the PDS community about living more sustainably and will undertake projects that enhance the school's sustainability efforts. The faculty liaison is Liz Cutler, Sustainability Coordinator.


Parent Outreach and Support


Parent Events by Division
In each school division (Lower, Middle, Upper) there are numerous opportunities to meet with other parents and school administrators to share ideas and discuss aspects of parenting.

Class Parent Network
Parents are encouraged to contact their class parents with any questions pertaining to: PDSPA sponsored activities; trip and event chaperoning; class parties; and teacher assistance.

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions, please contact the following:
US: Jeannie Chopra
MS: Cricket Allen
LS: Anupa Wijaya

Parent Socials
Class parents organize coffees, cocktail parties and dinners, by grade, to socialize and meet other parents during the school year.

Parent Volunteer Network
Our cadre of parent volunteers is fundamental to the success of PDS in every division in a variety of areas. Parents are needed for teacher assistance, chaperoning, hosting parties, hospitality, etc. To volunteer at any time during the year, contact your PA divisional chair representative, your grade or class parent, or any committee chair.

PA Governing Board 2017-18

President Ex-Officio
Naru Narayanan

Shari Phillips

President Elect
Karen Law

Anu Rao

Asst. Treasurer
Joy Turchetta

Christina Rowntree

Communications Chair
Kerri Cook

Communications Asst.
Susan Broeker

US Chair
Jeannie Chopra

US Asst.
Michele Stillwell

MS Chair
Cricket Allen

MS Asst.
Sejal Doshi

LS Chair
Anupa Wijaya

LS Asst.
Jennifer DelVecchio

Parent Ambassador Chair
Alanna Bocklage

Parent Ambassador Asst.
Vandana Bhanote

Nominating Committee Chair
Robin Antonacci

Auction Co-Chairs
Ronni Blasz Mackles
Anita Shah
Susan Tourville