Our Diverse Community

CMDT Faculty

The CMDT includes Daniel Cohen, Caroline Lee, Victor Cirillo, Dr. Candy Shah and Anthony McKinley, plus parent representative (Tiffany Smith not pictured) and Head of School Paul Stellato.

Princeton Day School’s diversity and outreach efforts are invested in the Community and Multicultural Development Team (CMDT), the goal of which is to enhance the school’s mission by harnessing the strengths that reside in our community’s diversity of race, gender, ability, ethnicity, religion, financial circumstance, geography, and sexual orientation. CMDT sponsors educational programs for the entire community and maintains the school’s strong tradition of celebrating the many cultural events such diversity makes possible.

Taking its mandate from the work of the 2007 Diversity Task Force, the 2009 Diversity Steering Committee, and the groundbreaking work of students, faculty, parents, and alumni, CMDT builds upon our school’s decades-long commitment to create a community that values a variety of relationships and perspectives, an understanding and appreciation of which are the most effective preparation for success and leadership in the world Princeton Day School graduates will enter.

By working within the walls with students, faculty, parents, alumni, and trustees, CMDT will prepare fully Princeton Day School students to lead outside the walls, in a global community in whose service their talent and understanding are essential.

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