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Sustainability and Environmental Education

The protection of environmental resources for current and future generations, both human and non-human, is an essential aspect of our work at PDS.

It is our responsibility to graduate students who not only understand the impact of their actions and are conscious stewards of a healthy local and global ecosystem, but also have the skills and training to advocate for sustainability in their future personal and professional lives. We understand the deep connections between the environment, the community and economics and are committed to increasing the sustainability of our physical campus and our actions on it. Our choices, now and in the future, will have a tremendous collective impact.

A Sense of Place

Where we explore the identity of the land we inhabit by learning about the natural, cultural and historical pillars that make up the places we call home.


Where we learn how to apply some of the most important qualities that sustain healthy local and global communities: diversity, cooperation, collaboration and caring.

Ecological Thinking

Where we apply basic principles of ecology to our thinking and notice networks, cycles and nested systems to examine how even the smallest parts relate to the whole.

Visionary Thinking

Where we rethink fundamental assumptions and strive to invent new paradigms required to design sustainable societies.

Stewardship and Service

Where we practice and nurture a sense of care and responsibility for our planet, communities and individuals.