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REx student presenting their research

Science Research Experience Program

The Science Research Experience Program (REx) offers motivated students an unparalleled independent study opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research and training.

Want to work side-by-side with scientists conducting real-world research in world-class facilities? Interested in stepping beyond the traditional classroom structure to participate in hands-on learning? Curious about cell biology, molecular genetics, mechanical engineering, astrophysics, geosciences, neuroscience or any other area of physical, mathematical, environmental, cognitive and life sciences? If so, REx is for you.

A selective independent study program, REx provides interested students with opportunities to explore particular areas of scientific research through guided inquiry, dynamic lessons and rich discussions. In partnership with faculty and in their junior year, accepted REx scholars begin the process of applying for summer internships at leading professional and academic laboratories across the country and around the world. Upon their return to PDS in the fall of their senior year, a culminating written paper and subsequent academic poster presentation to their peers and faculty take place.

Past REx Opportunities and Internships

Protein Design and Antibiotic Resistance Using Mass Spectrometry

University of Pennsylvania

Understanding Language Recovery After Strokes

Johns Hopkins University

The Role of Internal Variability and Greenhouse Gas Forcing Arctic Sea Ice Trends

Princeton University 

Molecular Representation of Behavioral Differences in Memory Rescue

Columbia University

Measuring Bioaccumulation of Contaminants in Wetlands

Rutgers University

Fatigue Performance on Steel Highway Bridges

Lehigh University

Dual-Catalyzed Hydroalkylation Reaction to Produce Molecules

Duke University

The Epidemiology of Depression

Harvard University

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