Virtual Blue and White Day 2020: Wow!

Virtual Blue and White 2020 was awesome! Schoolwork came to a halt by noon and the whole School was raring to go by launch time at 1pm. While things looked a little different this year, the PDS community came together for a great afternoon of activities with lots of faculty and at-home student participation, along with some fantastic, collaborative video presentations thanks to the creativity of our PDS families, who contributed great photos and video clips. Everyone loved seeing their favorite Blue & White Day hosts, including emcee Coach Thomas and DJ Darius!

To kick things off, Blue and White day emcee Coach Jill Thomas shared the history of Blue and White Day, then started raising the roof by rallying the Blue and White teams!

The party-starter then morphed to a montage of Blue and White Day images from the past and a tribute and dedication to the Class of 2020, interspersed with images of dozens of current Blue and White team members showing their 2020 Panther pride true color. The montage segment after Coach Thomas's intro was masterfully put together by Ava Roitburg '19, including the excellent soundtrack.

Coach Thomas then returned to officially start the Great Race, which proceeded via a heartwarming and often hilarious video, with a musical backdrop from Chariots of Fire, of this year's volunteer runners from PreK through Grade 12 virtually "passing the baton" (which ranged from a banana to a badminton racket... ). 

Highlights of this year's Blue and White Day activities:

  • More than 115 volunteer runners from Pre-K through Grade12 defended their Blue and White pride in the Virtual Great Race
  • Families from across the School submitted photos and videos to bring the day to life in a way nothing else could!
  • Upper School enjoyed creative collection of activities for larger and smaller groups, including Brain Teasers with Mr. Cash, Fitness Challenges with Coach Loughlin and Coach Davis, a Scavenger Hunt with Ms. Allen and Mr. Mayer, Trivia games, Name That Tune, and much more, capped off by a student-emceed awards ceremony.
  • Middle School went all in on challenge activities by grade, including push-ups, sit-ups, paper airplane toss and shoe flip in 5th Grade; push-ups burpees, star jumps, airplane toss, shoe flip and mountain climbers in 6th Grade; and push-ups, sit-ups, mountain climb, burpees, bottle flip and towel flip in 7th and 8th Grades.
  • Lower School fun started in the morning with an assembly featuring video clips of LS Blue and White team cheers put together by Dr. Sandy Wang and friends, then moved on in the afternoon to Freeze Dance, Head-Shoulders-Knees-and-Toes and a "Mystery Bag" game where students had to guess what is in their teacher's bag (with a few hints).
  • The afternoon finale was a masterpiece one-man-show video, a Dance Party with DJ Darius, which got everyone on their feet!

Dean of US Students Elizabeth Monroe summed it up beautifully: "Some said it couldn’t be done. Many of us, including our students, were skeptical at best. But, in the end, together, we created history! The first ever Virtual Blue and White Day was an enormous success, thanks to everyone who promoted it, participated, led an activity or just tuned in. Our students turned up in virtual droves, and the joy on their faces was unmissable as they collaborated as teams, playfully trash-talked in the chat sidebars, and competed for Blue and White glory. It was fast-paced, zany and an unforgettable Princeton Day School moment."

Thank you to each and every Panther -- it took the whole community to pull off today's Virtual Blue and White Day! To view all of the videos, plus some great highlight reels from recent Blue and White Days, go here!

A portion of Coach Thomas's Virtual Blue and White Day intro:


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