Upper School Athletes Model What Panthers Are

"Panthers Are" is more than a catch-phrase; it is an reminder to embody the values of Princeton Day School. Throughout the year, our Upper School athletes attend workshops and discussions to improve their leadership and team-building skills. This week, they brought this knowledge to the Lower School. Four US athletes, Alex Hollander '21, Trevor Kunkle '21, Bruno Cucchi '21 and Jules Romano '21, spoke with the 3rd Grade about sportsmanship. They discussed how to be a gracious winner and how to handle tough losses.

3rd Grade teacher Christina Lee said, "My class LOVED it! The juniors were such wonderful role models. I hope that some of my students will one day serve the Lower School in the same manner when they become Upper Schoolers." Tracy Young, another 3rd Grade teacher, notes, "The poster will be great for us to refer back to when we need occasional reminders about sportsmanship."

Head of the Lower School Dr. Sandy Wang was thrilled to see the collaboration between divisions. "It was so great to see the third graders look up to those Upper Schoolers and hear such positive messages!"


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