PDS Track & Field Club a Success in 1st Season

Contributed by Timothy Fong '22 and published in the Volume 57 Issue 2 print edition of "The Spokesman," Princeton Day School's award-winning Upper School student newspaper. See the full Spring print edition of "The Spokesman" here.

The Track and Field Club at Princeton Day School, coached by Mark Adams and John Woodside, is the culmination of the work of many coaches, alumni, and athletes.

“There has been interest in a Track and Field program from students and coaches in our community for some time," stated PDS Director of Athletics and Physical Education Katherine Fay.

"A number of students have put together strong proposals for starting up some sort of Track and Field team over the last couple of years. The field house in the new Princeton Day School Athletic Center gives us additional space that we did not have before for training in some specific events. Coupled with the School’s commitment to health and wellness and providing ample fitness options for students, these driving forces enabled us to pilot the Track and Field program this spring.”

The variety of events in the Track and Field Club, along with the ability to choose and specialize in a certain event, are unique aspects of Track and Field that set it apart from other sports. Consequently, the Club has attracted the interest of many athletes from other sports and across grade levels. Running events such as the 100m and 200m sprints may be enjoyable for students who want to try out a running event but may not be interested in long-distance runs. On the other hand (foot!), the 5km and 10km long-distance events provide challenging experiences for students coming from cross country. Discus and shot put have also been popular. In addition, the Athletic Center's training facilities have facilitated training in the high jump and long jump for students.

The initial season has been a success and the future of Track and Field at PDS looks promising. Ms. Fay shares, “We certainly hope this program will thrive and that it will make sense to keep it going moving forward.”

Track and Field Club team photo-Spring 2021

Photos (from top): collage of action photos from meets this spring (photos by Nancy Erickson); Track and Field Club team photo (by Jamie Will) 

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