The Maypole Tradition Returns to PDS

Each spring, the Princeton Day School community gathers on the back lawn of Colross to watch a tradition that dates back to the earliest days of Miss Fine’s School - the Maypole Dance. This year, second graders lined up to perform their much-practiced “A-B-A-B” dance pattern on a beautiful Thursday morning with family and friends joyfully watching. As student musicians provided the soundtrack to the dance, Second Grade teacher and Maypole ambassador Susan Ferguson watched on proudly. With Ferguson retiring at the end of the year, this was the last Maypole Dance she would direct.

Having spent over 20 years as the leader of the Maypole Dance, Ferguson has guided hundreds of second graders through the traditional dance. This year was especially important as it was Ferguson’s last, but it was also the first Maypole Dance since 2019. Ferguson says, “I was so happy that the kids were able to do the Maypole this year after two years away. Their pride and happiness at being able to weave and unweave says it could see it all over their faces!”

As Ferguson prepares to close this chapter, she is looking forward to the tradition continuing after she leaves. She says, “It's bittersweet, but I know the Maypole is in great hands with Second Grade teachers Caroline Hare, Beth Hatem and the new Second Grade teacher Emilie Miller!” 

When it comes to final thoughts that Ferguson has about the Maypole, she has one important message to share: “The tradition will live on…as it should!” 

Please enjoy these photos of the Maypole Dance

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